Now What?: Organizing Resistance in the Age of Trump Minutes

Now What? Organizing Resistance in the Age of Trump
Time: 1:00 – 3:00
Attendees, pronouns:
    Jackson, He/Him
    Ty, He/Him/HIs
    Ju Ping, He/Him/Them
    Adam, He/Him/They
    Alejandro, He/Him/They/Them
    Chris, He/Him/Them
    Maddie, All but It
    Cambria, They/Them
    James, He/Him
    Justin, He
    Richard, Citizen of the World
    Joe, Whatever you want to call me
Suggestions on how to resist   
    1. Promote and educate about socialism.
    2. Organize boycotts
    3. Resist normalization.
        Stand up when possible, 
        Call Neo-Nazis, Neo-Nazis,
        Stick to progressive principles no matter who is in office.
    4. Educate yourself and others about history.
    5. Rebuild labour movement, encourage and start more unions, and increase union membership.
    6. Be there for victims, listen, bring them to safe spaces, teach them how to resist, be a safe space.
    7. Prioritization of effort
        Against capitalism,
        Strategic petitioning of the government.
    8. Set up a Lincoln ANTIFA group.
    9. Keep track of how much resistance will the current administration allows.
Following those suggestions, we came to the following conclusions on how to resist:
    1. Resist the normalization of fascism, racism, sexism, and all other right-wing rhetoric that will be empowered by the Trump victory. See example of political organization by Movimiento Cosecha (
    2. Organize boycotts against organizations that support Trump. Suggest a list, or join a group that is actively tracking them.
    3. Actively attend activist groups in your local community. For example: attend activities organized by the Black Cat House.
    4. Participate in activities to learn how to create safe spaces and to be better allies. Further activity will be organised by Ty and Cambria.
    5. Read and educate yourself so you can educate others:
        1. Communist Manifesto
        2. People’s History of the United States
        3. Lie My Teacher Told Me
        4. An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States
        5. America’s 60 Families
        6. Malcolm X Speeches