9/8/14 Minutes: Pasta feed review, speaker stipends

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (Moderator), Sammi (moderator), Ty
Start Time: 7:00

Event Review: The pasta feed was great, we made a little over $250 for the groups. The place was packed, maybe a bigger venue next year? The only real form of advertisement we used was Facebook, maybe we can reach out more if we have more room. We made some notes as far as how much food we went through and how much we’ll next year.
2 boxes of spaghetti
4 boxes of penne
2 boxes of fettuccini (probably more pasta next year)
4 jars of alfredo sauce
4-5 jars of marinara sauce
5 peppers
2 large onions
1 container of mushrooms (not enough)
1 bag of meatballs (not enough)
1 container of italian sausage (not enough, maybe do chicken next year to compliment alfredo?)

Upcoming Events: the LSH meeting is on Thursday, and there’s a discussion group on Saturday. There are going to be multiple people missing at the meeting this week, we’re hoping we can make quorum. We have a friend coming who is probably going to lead the discussion, and it’ll be interesting to see how the turnout is given it’ll be a Saturday night.

Concert: Two folk artists are playing a show here in early November. Ashley suggests having an artist post their work that night, since they’ll be playing on first friday. Jackson questions whether we should let the artist sell their work during it, since this is supposed to be a strictly noncommercial space. Ashley argues that this is no different than letting bands table for their work. Ashley suggests that we should table this and bring it back up next week.

Speaker Stipend: We’ve tabled this item since we didn’t have money in the treasury for it. We decide to set up a treasury for the speakers and move $100 into it. We decide to advertise it on FB so potential speakers know that it’s available to them.

Beehive Collective: We talk about whether or not we want to donate some money to the bees. We decide to donate $50 right now, and maybe more day-of if they need it.

End time: 7:48

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