9/28/15 Minutes: Concert, Columbus Day

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)

Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Upcoming Event: Food, Inc. is this Saturday! Should be simple to set up.

2. Concert: A touring artist is coming through the area, and wants to book a show here on October 2nd. We listened to some songs, but we didn’t really get any explicit social/political content out of them. We decided it wasn’t worth making last minute accommodations for.

3. Columbus Day: Ty made a post in the event page asking if there would be interest in a sign-making party. We also need to make copies of Brian’s “Why We Should Abolish Columbus Day” zine. Jackson found a digital copy of it, and will send in a request to the copy center for 50 copies.

4. Copy machine: Ty needs the proper usb cord in order to set up the software. Then it’ll be good to go! Jackson ordered it, and he’ll be reimbursed for it.

5. Data entry: Looks like we waited too long on that. We’ll have to ask for Ella’s help in getting the missing pieces in our archive.

Tabled: Copy machine, data entry (LGBT fundraiser removed. We don’t have time to organize something like that after all.)

Meeting adjourned: 7:39 PM