9/26/16 Minutes: Columbus Day

In attendance: Ju Ping, Ty (moderator)
Late: Jackson (secretary)

Start time: 7:10 PM

1. Event Review – Ju Ping’s Ubuntu workshop was on Saturday. He was able to help a couple of visitors who came by for technical assistance.

2. Columbus Day – There have been some changes in the larger Columbus Day rally at the Capitol, and it will now be starting later than initially discussed. The good news is that their rally no longer conflicts time-wise with ours; the bad news is that there seems to be some dissension and disorganization within that larger action. We have tentatively agreed to return to our original plan of holding our rally at the Federal Building from 5 to 6ish, and then possibly joining the Capitol rally for a little while as well at or just after 6. We’ve also learned that there will be a Columbus Day action in Omaha on the Saturday before the holiday, and we may investigate our options for participating in that as well.

3. Online Promotion – We spent some meeting time putting up Facebook events for October events.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30 PM