9/22/14 Minutes: Beehive Collective, Design, LSH

In attendance: Ashley, Jackson (moderator), Sammi (secretary), Ty (moderator)Start time: 7:06 PM

1. Event Review – Trekkies for Humanism movie night, “Who’s Watching the Watchers?”
-Scheduled on same night as Laverne Cox and Neil Degrasse Tyson (bad idea). Lost some regular attendees.
-Slightly below average turnout

2. Upcoming Events:
A. Beehive Collective – event will be heavily discussion based, Tyler will bring all supplies
-He likes all topics we are interested in; consider posting a poll on facebook page and event page Thursday or Friday
-Topics of interest include: Combating cissexism, Ed and Mondo (political prisoners), Reproductive Rights, Immigration

B. LSH Meeting – Postponed rescheduling due to members’ inability to attend. Ashley proposed a doodle poll in facebook group with Brian and Kendra tagged. Doodle poll is approved by consensus. Ashley will create doodle poll.

3. Design – Ella is not going to be doing our calendars for the next year. Ella recommended Ashley. Ashley is skeptical/hesitant, but will do it if she has to. We have 6 months to figure this out.

Meeting adjourned: 7:41 PM