9/18/17 Minutes: Blade Runner, Book Purchases

In Attendance: Jackson (moderator), James, Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Upcoming Event – We’re showing our first Popcorn Politics with DSA on Friday: Blade Runner! We need to set up the room for it, but there’s not too much we need to do.

2. AK Press – Ty went ahead and bought some books from AK Press, and spent $106.13. He’ll get reimbursed for that. Jackson also bought some books that were cheaper on eBay for the library, but he asked to take care of that when those orders actually come in.

3. Articles for Discussion – We reviewed the articles we had tabled for potential discussions.


Meeting adjourned: 8:08 PM

Tabled items: Articles for Discussion, Graphic Designer, Stuff to Buy (canopy, stuff to secure bike rack, 7×7 no-slip outdoor mat for porch, new SSD hard drive for public laptop)