9/1/14 Minutes: Pasta Feed, Beehive Collective

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Ella, Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:05 PM

1. Upcoming Events – The pasta feed is coming up! We’ll get all the rest of the supplies on Wednesday, and we have extra tables and crock pots on the way. Brian from Lincoln Atheists confirmed that he’ll bring a dessert, and we need to ask Brian from Lincoln Secular Humanists whether he’s still got the garlic bread down. Otherwise, things are lookin’ good! Jackson will lead us in a traditional Pastafarian prayer.

2. Book reimbursements – Hope In A Jar: The Making of America’s Beauty Culture came up to purchase, and we decided it was worth going for. Jackson will buy the book for $4.45, and we agreed to reimburse him for it. Jackson also wants $2.69 for mailing out a different book to swap.

3. Mail – There was a person who mailed us forever ago, and Ashley wrote him a letter back! Packaged in some zines and pronoun buttons too. We agreed to reimburse shipping for sending it to them.

4 – Beehive Collective – The Bees are coming on September 30th, and we need to give them info on what art project we want to work on during their event. We want it to be something that really affects the local community in a specific way. We spent some time brainstorming some pretty solid ideas for topics that would help the community. They also asked for the demographics of the people who come to the House, which is ages 20-30, and gender spectrum is pretty varied. The Bees will be bringing most of the supplies necessary.

Tabled: calendar, police zine, speaker stipend, networking, website, buttons

Meeting adjourned: 7:42 PM