8/5/15 Minutes: Fall Calendar, New Website, Copy Machine, Sama

In attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – We watched Grave of the Fireflies on Saturday. It was sad.

2. Copy Machine – Jackson hasn’t found a copy machine yet, but a bit of research has been done. More research will need to be done, to make a good choice for our needs.

3. Email setup – Ty has set up his BCH email addresses, and has possibly got Jackson’s up too. Hooray!

4. Sama – Jackson still needs to send a follow-up email to Sama. Ty and Jackson have distributed fliers for the concert. Ty will share it around Facebook a bit more.

5. Website – Our new WordPress site is up and active on our blackcathouse.org and theblackcathouse.org URLs! We still need to do a bit of data entry to replace some of the old minutes that are still only on the old site. Jackson has contacted Ella for some help with that.

6. Fall calendar –

Thursday, September 10th, 7 PM – Lincoln Secular Humanist Meeting
Friday, September 11th, 7 PM – Movie Night: Anarchism in America
Saturday, September 19th, 1-3 PM – What is Gentrification? (a community discussion)
Saturday, October 3rd, 7 PM – Movie Night: Food, Inc.
Friday, October 9th, 7 PM – Trekkies For Humanism: “Mortal Coil” (Star Trek: Voyager)
Monday, October 12th, 5-6 PM (at the Federal Building – 16th and O St.) – Indigenous People’s Day Rally
Saturday, October 17th, 1-3 PM – Protest: What is it Good For? (a community discussion)
Sunday, November 8th, 5 PM – Movie Night: Reds
Saturday, November 21st, 1-3 PM – Transgender Rights: Our Struggles, Our Victories, Our Future (a panel discussion)

Tabled: Copy Machine, Facebook
Meeting adjourned: 8:47 PM