8/18/14 Minutes: Pasta Feed, bands

In attendance: Ashley (secretary) Jackson (moderator), Ella, Sammi (moderator), Ty
Meeting started: 7:01

Event review: We had the animal rights discussion. Skyping the event was really successful, we could also use google hangouts. The discussion itself went well, having Brian there was a huge asset.

Upcoming events: We have 3 events this week; writing to prisoners, trekkies for humanism, and the power feminist crafting circle wants to meet here on Sunday. There’s not much prep needed for any of these events.

Bands: There are two bands that want to play at the house September 11th. The bands aren’t political, they’re not acoustic, and they want to play on a night we’ve already scheduled an event. Ashley will message them back and let them know we can’t host.

Pasta feed: The facebook event is going well, this seems like it will be a successful event! Ashley will reach out to Brian (from the LA) and see if he’d be willing to cover dessert for the event. We’ll also ask other Brian if he’s still wanting to bring garlic bread. We’ll figure out how much food we need this week, and Jackson will go buy it.

Police Zine: We bought a zine from Ben Turk when he was in town last, it’s a workbook meant to help you figure out how to deal with certain emergencies situations without calling the cops. We decide to go over it together in meeting. We finished half the zine, and will go over the rest next week.

Meeting adjourned: 8:04
Tabled: Police Zine, Speaker stipend, Networking, Website, Buttons