7/29/15 Minutes: Sama, Fall Calendar

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

  1. Event Review – Trekkies was on Friday. The turnout was okay, but discussion was brief. It did give Jackson some incentive to want to put Trekkies on the calendar for fall.
  2. Upcoming Event – Grave of the Fireflies is on Saturday, given it’s a movie night there’s not much prep needed.
  3. Copy Machine – Jackson is continuing to search for a suitable copy machine.
  4. Website – We are still migrating information over to the new website. Jackson is approved for reimbursement for $134.63 for new website expenses.
  5. Sama – We did some last minute edits to the flier and we’ve sent it off for printing!
  6. Fall Calendar – Ty still needs some digital files to build the calendar; he’ll need to contact Ashley about that.

Meetings are returning to Monday nights at 7 PM. Open hours will not return for fall.  Trekkies will return for fall

Thu, Sep 10, 7 PM – Lincoln Secular Humanist Meeting
Fri, Sep 11, 7 PM – Movie Night: Anarchism in America
Sat, Sep 19, 1-3 PM – What is Gentrification? Discussion
Sat, Oct 3, 7 PM – Movie Night: Food, Inc.
Mon, Oct 12, 5 PM? (Federal Building) – Indigenous People’s Day Rally
Sat, Oct 17, 1-3 PM – Why protest? (Title TBD) discussion
Sun, Nov 8, 5 PM – Movie Night: Reds
Sat, Nov 21, Time TBD – Transgender Rights: Our Struggles, Our Victories, Our Future

Tabled: Calendar, Facebook Usage

Meeting adjourned: 8:31 PM