7/28/14 Minutes: Beehive Collective, Calendar

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Phoebe, Sammi, Tati (moderator)
Start: 7:00

1. Event review: the feminist discussion group went well, even through the turn out was a bit low because Ashley didn’t get the event up soon enough.

2. Button: Ashley made some designs for buttons, anarchy flags and identity flags. We look at the rough designs, and agree to do a test batch. Ashley will send those to Jackson this week. We also decide that we’ll sell our buttons for $1. Sammi also drew some ideas for BCH buttons, Ashley will see if she can make them into buttons.

3. Beehive Collective: Tyler sent us another email, giving more details about the event. He’s making progress getting things ready at UNL, and he’s decided how the events are going to look. He’s wanting to do a brainstorming session here on Friday, and then do the actual graphics making the next. He sent us some questions to ponder before the event.

Are there currently existing, ongoing, or proposed public art projects
in Lincoln? (not necessarily “official,” just publicly viewable)

Are there issues/campaigns/events that you/your group could use graphics

Are there issues in your community that are very multi-faceted?
something that would benefit from diverse perspectives coming into

Do you have graphics/flyers/logos/whatever that could benefit from a
group rethinking and redesigning them?

Does your space allow for hands-on art-making mess? ie screen-printing,
stencil-making, or other stuff that may leave behind stains, plus we
also will need multiple tables and big sink, etc

4. Calendar: Ashley talked the collective into letting her organize a zine-making workshop.

Lincoln Secular Humanists Pastafarian Pasta Feed Fundraiser Sept 4th @6
Lincoln Secular Humanists Meeting Sept 11 @7
What is… the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Sept 13th @7
Trekkies for Humanism: “Who Watches the Watchers” (TNG) Sept 19th @7

Anti-Columbus Day Protest (16th and O) Oct 13th @5
Zine Making Workshop Oct 18th @2
Trekkies for Humanism: “Catspaw” (TOS) Oct 24th @7

Movie Night: (A)sexual – Nov 8th @7
Trekkies For Humanism: “Critical Care” (VOY) Nov 14th @7
How to Organize Protests Nov 15 @1

Jackson wants to add an off-calendar Trekkies for August, Enterprise’s “Stigma”. We’ll do it on the 22nd.

End Time: 7:58