7/22/15 Minutes: Copy Machine, Sama, Fall Calendar

In attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – We showed 416 on Saturday night. Turnout was a bit low, but the discussion was very good.

2. Upcoming Event – Trekkies For Humanism returns this Friday. We’re ready for it. We’ll be sure to plug it on Facebook in the next couple of days.

3. Reimbursement – Jackson bought some new dry-erase markers for the house, as ours were dried out. We reimburse him $3.21 for the expense.

4. Copy Machine – We still need to replace ours. Jackson will see what he can find locally. We’re thinking we have a budget of around $200.

5. Sama – The concert/discussion is coming up fast! Sammi reports he is nearly done with our flier. Jackson will be making the Facebook event at the conclusion of the meeting tonight, and will also be sending Sama another follow-up email.

6. Fall Calendar – Ty still needs some digital files to build the calendar; he’ll need to contact Ashley about that.

Meetings are returning to Monday nights at 7 PM. Open hours will not return for fall.

Will we continue to run Trekkies For Humanism?

Thu, Sep 10, 7 PM – LSH meeting
Fri, Sep 11, 7 PM – Movie Night: Anarchism in America
Sat, Sep 19, 1-3 PM – What is Gentrification? discussion
Sat, Oct 3, 7 PM – Movie Night: Food, Inc.
Mon, Oct 12, 5 PM? (Federal Building) – Anti-Columbus Day protest
Sat, Oct 17, 1-3 PM – Why protest? (Title TBD) discussion
Sun, Nov 8, 5 PM – Movie Night: Reds
Sat, Nov 21, Time TBD – Transgender Day of Remembrance panel discussion (Title TBD)

Discussion tabled for the night. We hope to finish the calendar next week.

Tabled: Fall calendar, Facebook usage?

Meeting adjourned: 8:25 PM