7/17/17 Minutes: Popcorn Politics, Fall Calendar

In Attendance: Anthony, Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review: We co-hosted the movie Pride with the Lincoln DSA. It was a good turnout and a really good film. Jackson says we should consider running it again.

2. Upcoming Events: We’re hosting a DSA discussion on Wednesday and running The Great Dictator on Friday night. We’re ready for them, but Ty reminds us to make sure we promote it well on Facebook.

3. Popcorn Politics:

September: We have decided to start the series on Friday, September 22nd. This is in accordance with two polls on the DSA Facebook, which stated a preference for Friday nights and no preference as for which Friday in September. We have decided that we will run Blade Runner for the first movie night. Anthony will run two more polls on the DSA Facebook to see about film and date preferences for October. We decided we will let the winner of the poll be our October film. It will be an open poll, but it should be pre-loaded with the following films that have already been recommended:

They Live
Get Out
Mad Max: Fury Road

4. Fall Calendar:

Friday, September 22nd, 7-10 PM: Popcorn Politics (Co-Hosted by Lincoln DSA): Blade Runner

TBD: Popcorn Politics #2
Saturday, October 21, 1 to 3 PM: Factory Farming Awareness Coalition Presentation

TBD: Popcorn Politics #3
Date TBD: Movie Night: Sir! No Sir!

Discussion Group: “10 things every white teacher should know when talking about race” (https://thecornerstoneforteachers.com/truth-for-teachers-podcast/10-things-every-white-teacher-know-talking-race) OR “Everyday Anti-Fascism in the Era of Trump” (https://roarmag.org/magazine/everyday-anti-fascism-trump/)
Family Movie Night: The Brave Little Toaster (potentially collaborating with the Repair Cafe? The themes of the film and why we’d show it in the first place also meshes nicely with their mission. Jackson will message folks he knows from that group on whether they would want to co-sponsor the event somehow)
October Revolution 100 year anniversary: Movie Night “Reds” (potentially part of Popcorn Politics) AND also a discussion event.

Ty’s unavailability (greyout days): September 22, 29, 30; October 27
Football game days (blackout): September 2, 16, 23; October 7, 14; November 4, 24
DIO Fest September 14-17th
UNL Fall Break October 14th-15th
Thanksgiving November 24th-26th

5. August Events – We still need to get them posted to our website and Facebook, but we don’t have time or energy left to do that tonight! Tabled.

Meeting adjourned: 8:20 PM

Tabled items: August events, Articles for Discussion, Graphic Designer, Stuff to Buy (canopy, stuff to secure bike rack, labels, 7×7 no-slip outdoor mat for porch, new SSD hard drive for public laptop)

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  1. Accidentally mixed up moderator and secretary duties in the roster above. It has been corrected.

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