6/9/2014 Minutes: Speakers, Sexyfest, Buttons


In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Chris, Ella, Jackson (moderator), Sammi, Tati (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event review – Behind the Badge was a great show! Unfortunately it was a Wednesday, and that might have contributed to a lower turnout, but everyone who was there had a good time and learned a lot. Sammi suggested that we try asking critical questions via Facebook or similar sources, to get people thinking about the topic before hand and inciting them to come to the events.

2. Upcoming events – LSH meeting is coming up, as well as What is… Secular Humanism. Ashley needs to make more cupcakes! Jackson and Ashley will also make sure their presentation gets set up nicely on our new projector.

3. Reimbursement – Jackson bought a copy of I Am Troy Davis for $15 to help out the International Socialist Club, and a $4 stack of zines from Ben Turk, and we approved reimbursement for both.

4. SexyFest – We picked Saturday, October 4th as the date, as the other dates that were suggested fell on Husker game days, and we just didn’t want to compete with that traffic.

5. Buttons – Jackson thinks we have enough funds to buy button-making parts, so he’ll go ahead and get them. He also brought up the price of a button cutter, and we thought that it might be a little pricey to go for right away. Jackson will also look for the cheapest cutter while he’s researching for

6. Speakers – scott crow mentioned when he was here that if we offered stipends for speakers, people will contact us to hold talks here, as opposed to us asking people. However, to guarantee that we have enough money to provide to speakers, we’d have to do fundraisers outside our yearly one, and we’d like to still spend most of our energy on projects and events. Sammi suggests collaboration with other organizations on certain speakers in order to split costs between us. Ella brings up cutting costs in the House, finding ways to reduce printing costs, etc., or offering zines and buttons for suggested donations. Jackson thinks that just having a fund for speakers can be a selling point, that saying donations will be guaranteed to go to bringing speakers into the House might encourage people to donate for it.

7. Tyranny of Tyranny – We read an article a few meetings back called “The Tyranny of Structurelessness” and the discussion was really good! We talked for about an hour about what we learned from it and how this info can help the collective. We decided we also wanted to read “The Tyranny of Tyranny,” which is a critical response to the first essay, since we liked the first so much.

8. Handbill – Ella brought the summer calender handbill to edit, we checked it over for errors and called it good!

Meeting adjourned: 7:50 PM

Tabled: Button designs, networking, event moderation training