6/23/14 Minutes: Beehive Collective, Website, Treasury

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Tati (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – LSH had a picnic for World Humanist Day. We had fun. It’ll have to be discussed further at the next LSH meeting.

2. Upcoming Events – Trekkies For Humanism is coming up on Friday. We’re ready for it.

3. Reimbursements/Treasury situation – Jackson wants reimbursements for buying a box of printer paper ($4.28), button parts ($64.29), and a button press ($124.00). All are approved by consensus. Jackson should also have the treasury updated tonight after the meeting, but he reports that the new balance will be approximately $300 after new donations are factored in.

4. Library treasury allocation – Ashley proposes adding up to $20 to the library treasury, since the whole treasury is currently earmarked for picking up The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible. Ashley has a friend holding a moving sale, and ze believes that hir friend will have many books and zines relevant to our library. We approved this by consensus.

5. Beehive Collective – They want to come to Lincoln the weekend of September 27-28. They would like to do a workshop in our space on one of those two days. We’d all love to have them, but we have a strong preference for doing it Sunday the 28th. Jackson points out that September 27th is a Husker Gameday, and UNL Homecoming to boot. The logistics of competing with that are a nightmare. We’ll wait and hear what they think about this and want to do. Ashley will contact them.

6. Website – Jackson is starting to get word from our host that our site is within a couple months of expiring. As per our desires when we renewed last year, Ella will be working to convert our site into WordPress and transfer it to her server. We discussed offering payment for this service. We will be looking forward to further updates on this important issue.

7. Activists and “Difficult People” – We spent the last part of our meeting starting an article Ashley shared about dealing with personality conflicts and other outbursts in an activist setting. We’ll continue to discuss this over the next few weeks.

Meeting adjourned: 8:14 PM
Tabled: Activists and “Difficult People”, Beehive Collective, Networking, Sexyfest, Speakers, Website