6/16/14 Minutes: Buttons, Occupy Play

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Tati (moderator)
Time started: 7:00

Event review: The event on Saturday went fairly well. The turnout was a little low, but that might have been because we couldn’t plug into the students. We might do this again during a time when more people would be interested. Ashley suggests that it might be a good idea to work with the student humanist group at UNL if we want to do it again.

Upcoming events: the picnic is this weekend. We’re probably going to buy meat to grill, and maybe drinks as well. We’ll probably bring blankets as well. More promotion needs to be done for the event, we’ll all work on that this week.

Buttons: Ashley finished the button designs, ze will do a test print and then send them off to Jackson. Ashley suggests we just print one of each this round, so that way we can test them in the buttons and make sure everything looks good before investing a lot of money into it. Jackson has yet to buy the button parts, but he has a few ideas as far as the punch goes. Jackson will make the purchases this week.

Books: Ashley received a few books to donate to the library, and Tati has some as well. We go through and approve most of them.

CD Library: Last week, Chris recommended that we start keeping CD’s in the library. He has some CD’s he’d be willing to donate. We all approve of the idea.

Occupy Play: A guest brought us a 1-scene play draft about the occupy movement. He’s looking for someone who was involved with the occupy movement to take the themes of the scene and reinterpret it (rewrite it, write a poem, make artwork), so they can publish it in a book. We know a few people who might be interested, and if none of them want to we can put it up on the occupy Lincoln page.

Tyranny of Tyranny: We didn’t identify with this article nearly as much; it seemed really reactionary, and was poorly edited so it was difficult to understand at points. The parts we found valuable was the discussion about the inefficiency of larger organization, and the issues of burnout. The other parts we agreed with, like that education and consciousness raising will never end, but those were parts we already discussed with the last article.

Disruptive Guests: Ashley found an article entitled “Activists and ‘difficult people'”, we agree to read it for the next few weeks. For next week, we’ll read the intro an “The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense” http://www.bmartin.cc/pubs/01san.html

Adjourned: 7:53

Tabled: Button parts, networking, sexyfest, speakers, “activists and ‘difficult people’