4/8/13 Minutes: Opening & Future Events

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Ella (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Tati
Meeting started: 7:00

1) Opening – A contractor has been chosen and given the go ahead to start building the wheelchair ramp. Opening Saturday, June 1st to allow time for any issues or roadblocks that may arise. Aiming to have handbills and promotional materials prepared and printed in time for May Day March.

2) Events – Open House will be Saturday, June 1 from 3:00–7:00pm. The first three What is…? events have been modified to Anarchism, Nationalism, and Gender Identities. FDG events will remain approximately as Western Feminism 101, Geek Culture, and Intersectionality. Movies yet to be determined but suggested topics include the death penalty, American Indian Movement, BP Oil Spill. Tabled for later discussion.

3) May Day – The rally at the Capitol has been approved but have not received approval for the March as of yet. Ashley will call city officials tomorrow to see the status. Four speakers have accepted the request to speak.

4) Promo Materials – Open House handbill and seasonal event poster/handbill needs to be designed next. May Day poster/flyers are waiting for event details to finalize for printing.

5) Social Media – Twitter and Instagram could be useful outreach social media tools. Going to begin utilizing them after prep and social media strategy research.

Meeting adjourned: 7:56pm