4/6/15 Minutes: Yard Sale recap, Earthstock

n attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Rachael
Start time: 7:01 PM

1. Event Review – Our garage sale was extremely successful, as we raised just over $700. We’re going to wait to discuss how we’d like to spend it until we hear from Ty. The volunteers were very helpful; we should continue to ask for them in future years. (And we could have used them before the sale as well, during the sorting/pricing phase.) We had a few issues with not being able to get all of our (many) last-minute donations processed in time for the sale; maybe we should pester declared donators to get us their stuff a little earlier next year? Ashley wonders whether we should solicit for baked goods.

2. Upcoming Event – Trekkies is Friday. We’re pretty much ready for it; we just need to clean the last of our yard sale leftovers out of the public space. Ashley will try to get the last of our borrowed yard-sale tables out of here before the event.

3. Meeting Time – Ty is unable to make our Monday night meetings for the foreseeable future as there is a schedule conflict with his new job. We’ll need to figure out a new meeting time; we’ll talk with Ty outside of the meeting (since he isn’t here).

4. Library Donation – Jackson bought a copy of the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible for the library, since it’s a book we’ve discussed wanting for some time. He doesn’t want to be reimbursed for it. We agree to add the book to the library.

5. Reimbursement – We needed paper for our printer and copier. Jackson bought a case of it, and would like to be reimbursed now that we have money again. We agree to reimburse him $35.99 for it.

6. Earthstock – We’re a little over a week away from our environmentalism discussion at UNL’s Earthstock. Ashley will ask Nick if we can run a PowerPoint for our presentation part of the event; if we can, Jackson and Ty need to figure out ASAP what we need Ashley to put into it. Jackson has found an article that may have some useful information for our presentation, and suggests that everyone read it: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/03/anthropocene-capitalism-climate-change/

7. Vacation – Ashley wants to be released from all Black Cat responsibilities for the month of May, because she is burned out and needs to focus on personal needs for a little while. She recommends that we cancel open hours for the month, or at least for the days she would’ve been responsible for. We may wait and talk to Ty outside of this meeting to make a final decision regarding open hours.

8. Pronoun Buttons – We are running low on at least some of our pronoun button varieties. Ashley will take inventory of our remaining pronoun buttons, and get an order to Jackson so he can get more papers printed this week.

Meeting adjourned: 7:33 PM