4/29/15 Minutes: Summer Calendar, Button Parts

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Kyria, Matt, Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:01

Event Review: We had a movie night on Thursday, but it was a bust. We’ll give the movie back to Sammi next time we see them. Jackson was in Grand Island on Sunday speaking on Cuba again.

Upcoming: What is…May Day is Saturday, Jackson will be doing the event alone since both Ashley and Ty have to work. We’re not worried, it’s in very capable hands.

Treasury: We have over $708 in the general treasury. Jackson suggests waiting until we buy what the house needs before moving cash into the other treasuries. We need a new copy machine, as well as a paper cutter. Ella is wanting to move forward with the new website, so we’ll also need to be looking into new hosting. Ashley will look out for the print supplies, while Jackson will look into hosting.

Library Donations: Jackson and Ty have donations for the library. Ashley suggests getting a new bookshelf sooner rather than later. We have a lead or two, but we’ll keep our eyes out.

Button Parts: We need more button parts! Jackson thought our last order was for 500, but it was actually for 1000. We agree to get another order of 1000. We approve reimbursement.

Calendar: Ashley pretty much has the calendar ready to go, we just need to pick a color. We like gold or lavender, Ashley will come back next week with both colors and see which one we like better.

June 6th – Movie Night: Selma
June 12th – Trekkies For Humanism: In The Hands of the Prophets (DS9)
June 20th – Movie Night: FernGully
July 2nd – Movie Night: Elysium
July 18th – Movie Night: 416
July 24th – Trekkies For Humanism: The Outcast (TNG)
August 1st – Movie Night: Grave of the Fireflies
August 15th – Movie Night: killing us softly
August 21st – Trekkies For Humanism: Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (TOS)

Other movies to show later: pervert’s guide to cinema, In Time, gas land

Meeting Adjourned: 8:21