4/29/13 Minutes: May Day, Opening Event

Meeting started: 7:03
In Attendance: Ashley (secretary), Ella (moderator), Jackson, Tati (moderator)

May Day: Ashley looked at 3 different stores and couldn’t find the supplies we needed to marshal the march. Ashley is going to look at a different store tonight hopefully, and if they can’t fins them there, they’ll buy them online. We messaged Brian and see about the microphone and speakers. All other matters have been taken care of.

Flyers: We need handbills for the open house by this weekend. Ella is going to print off handbills and larger poster-sized flyers. Jackson is going to print off more handbills for the march, and the collective agrees to reimburse him for it.

Opening: We discuss what we want to do at the open house. We decide to serve appetizers and a couple of deserts, and play some music.

We had a brainstorming session after the formal minutes to talk about future projects.

Meeting ended: 7:50