4/13/15 Minutes: Schedule Changes

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson
Start time: 7:00

Event review: Trekkies was on Friday, everything went well.

Upcoming events: We have an event at UNL on Wednesday. Jackson and Ty are getting ready and are going to finalize things tomorrow. We’re also tabling at the Earth Day event this weekend. Ashley will be out of town, but Ty will be manning the stand and is looking for volunteers. Ty picked out a pile of zines that would be good to distribute, Ashley will find time to make copies before Friday. Along with the zines, we’ll also have buttons for sale and free pronoun buttons. We have a ton of general fliers, we just need to cut them. We may or may not have more calendars, but spring is almost over anyway.

Reimbursement: Jackson spent $6.69 on pronoun buttons, reimbursement was preapproved.

Meeting Time: Ty’s new job has him working Monday nights. We decided in previous minutes that the best way to deal with this was to change meeting times. Ashley suggests Wednesday nights at 7. Jackson would like to move the meetings back to Monday when Ty’s schedule can accommodate it, but we all approve of changing the meeting time immediately.

Open Hours: The event Wednesday is scheduled during open hours. We decide to cancel open hours so we can all be there.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:25
Tabled: Summer calendar