3/4/13 Minutes: Garage Sale, Website

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Ella. Jackson (moderator), Tati (moderator)
Meeting started: 7:03

Books: Ashley found a bunch of books in hir garage sale stuff that would be relevant for the library. We opt to include most of the books, while Ashley takes one out to do a little more research on.

Garage Sale: Tati’s family is giving us more things, and letting us borrow a clothing hanger. We Decide we want to do it Friday, as well as Saturday. Since Ashley has work off, ze will do it alone on Friday. Ashley volunteers to make the facebook event, and to ask relatives for tables. Tati is going to look into getting signs, and Jackson is going to make the craigslist ad.

Treasury: Jackson is setting up a treasury log from the last year.

Website: Ella didn’t think there was enough on the support section to have a page for it. We agreed we can launch the site without a support page (or an active events page) until we can create a comprehensive list of the things we need. Instead, we’re putting the donation information on the “about” page for now.

May Day: A few more people have weighed in on the time, and we pick Sunday at 4.

Sign: We need someone who can cut the shape out for the sign, and Ella volunteered to paint it at that point. We decide to go with the circle logo and put it on the porch.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:30