3/25/13 Minutes: May Day

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Ella (moderator), Jackson, Tati (moderator)
Meeting started: 7:00

May Day: The city forms are printed and taken care of, but Ashley can’t find the number for the capitol, so they’re going to ask Brian tonight. Both forms will be filled out and sent before the end of march. We have a list of guidelines for speakers:

We are seeking no more than four speakers for our May Day rally.

Hard Rules:

1) Speech must be no longer than 5 minutes.

2) Speech’s topic must be directly related to the working class struggle and/or unions and their importance.

3) No hate speech or conspiracy theories.

4) No sectarian advocacy for organizations or political parties. (We know you love your group, but don’t spend five minutes telling us that we’ll only make a difference if we join your organization.)

Other suggestions:

5) Keep it light on political theory.

6) The best speeches come from personal experience. For example, we would prefer a speaker of color if we have a speech discussing the intersections of race and class.

Our Current Topic Wishlist:
(Feel free to volunteer for one of the below, or to pitch something of your own.)

– The History of May Day
– Intersectionality of class with other oppressions
– Unionizing
– Something motivational

If interested, please be prepared to give us a general idea of what your topic is and what direction you’ll be taking it in.

Email: the bch email accounts don’t seem to be working, Ashley has been having trouble with them for a few days, and Ella made a few changes and fixed them.

“Need” list: We make a final list of the things we are looking for, which includes things we will always need stocked, to post on the website.
Nice marker board
Big bulletin board
Toilet paper
pads and tampons
sippy cups and healthy treats
book case
relevant DVDs and books

Meeting ended: 8:01