3/2/15 Minutes: Cuba Panel, Earthstock

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Ty (moderator)
Star time: 7:00

Event review: We had both the Civil Rights discussion as well as Trekkies since our last meeting. The discussion had a pretty good turnout and went well! Trekkies went well too; Jackson played an episode of the animated series to honor Nimoy before the scheduled showing, and it was a nice way to fill up time while we were waiting for all of our guests to arrive. We decide it’d be a good idea to watch an episode of this series at every Trekkies for Humanism event.

Upcoming events: We have another Trekkies Friday, as well as a Feminist Discussion Group this Sunday. For the FDG, we each decide to take a “wave” to research and prepare a short presentation to give at the event. Hamartia is performing again on the 18th, Ashley will have a poster finished in time to print this week.

Cuba Panel: Joe Swanson wanted one of us to serve on a panel for an event at the end of the month about Cuba. It seems the panel filled up fairly quickly, but we’ve been offered sponsorship and have been encouraged to lead the community comment portion of the event. We accept both, and offered to help with promotion.

Reimbursement: Jackson printed the calendars, they cost $14.71. We approve of reimbursement.

Earth Day: Someone needs to use their paypal to pay for our Earth Day booth. Jackson will do it, we approve to reimburse the $35 cost

Pronoun buttons: We’re low on a few varieties of pronoun buttons. We kind of broke right now, but our big fundraiser is soon. We decide to print them after the garage sale.

Book donations: Joe brought us a bunch of books! We also got a couple of donations from a person new to the house! We go through the books and take the ones that will fit into the library, and added the couple that didn’t to the garage sale pile.

Earthstock event: We have 6 weeks until our event. We wanted the event to focus on strategy, “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Effective Environmentalism”. We decide to do an open discussion again, as opposed to a panel. We have more experience with this format, and students might enjoy being talked to and engaged rather than being talked at. Ashley will talk to Nick about this, and ask if there are volunteers who would like to contribute to the event.

Tabled: facilitation skills, pronoun buttons, Earthstock event