3/18/13 Minutes: Wheelchair Ramp, House Maintenance, Books and Zines

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (moderator), Tati (secretary)
Start time: 7:01 PM

1) Ramp – Contractor has been called, he’ll be by within the week to give us the estimate on the wheelchair ramp. Ashley says ze’ll also find someone else who deals specifically in accessibility construction for a second estimate.

2) Treasury – Discussed different methods of documenting the treasury updates, in order to keep it regularly updated but not clutter the blog. Decided that a yearly post that will be edited and added to throughout the year will suffice.

3) Projector and Porch light – Combining these topics for the minutes because the solution to install both were the same: we’ll have Jake take a look at them tomorrow.

4) Bathroom – Painting needs to be done; Tati will see if tir mom has any leftover supplies on the matter, Ashley also offered to buy some paint brushes for the house but would like to be reimbursed if ze does so. Bathroom supplies such as towel rack, mirror, toiletries will also be needed, Tati will get those.

5) Cleaning – House area will be cleaned and excess furniture at the very least posted online for sale by next meeting.

6) May Day – Organizational meeting was yesterday; minutes will posted on the website. Ashley will apply for the necessary permits. Next steps will be making advertisements for the march as well as figuring out who will speak. We’ll work on the speakers throughout the week.

7) Books – Added some donated books and DVDs to the library. Will check to see if there’s extra copies of them to add also. We’ll keep two copies of all the zines that were donated to us as well.

Meeting adjourned: 7:38 PM