2/4/13 Minutes: Opening Checklist

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Ella, Jackson (moderator), Tati (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1) Bathroom – The bathroom work will begin next week. While the contractor’s here, we’re also going to ask him about the wheelchair ramp. Ashley also suggests getting another estimate from someone who specializes in this, which ze will get a hold of.

2) Feminism handout – Ashley made the edits we suggested on it last week, and we also went over a few more minor things. We decided it was solid for publishing for the event.

3) Stuff we need to open –

We need:
Desk, or to clean out Jackson’s desk
The public computer set up
Pick up magazine rack, chairs, rug
Additional chairs
Projector screen
Bookcase, and bookcase shelves

Ashley also has some sources for zines for printing and putting in the library. Tati has yet to mess with the porchlight, but ti’ll do it this week.

4) Website, Facebook, emails – Ella has made us images for the Facebook, a flier for our open house (just needs a print test), and she will set us up theblackcathouse.org emails. The website is not yet going to go live, since apparently there’s still a few issues with FatCow.

5) Mission statement – Ella has brought up concerns with the structure of the mission statement, so we talked about different ways we could edit the grammar. We didn’t reach a conclusion on a better way of writing it, so we’ll table this and ask some more opinions and think about this.

Adjourned: 8:01 PM