2/25/13 Minutes: May Day

In attendance: Ashley, Ella (moderator), Jackson (moderator), Tati (secretary)
Meeting Start: 7:00 PM

1) Computer – Ashley has brought a computer to use as our public use computer. The OS is out of date though, and Ashley is offering to get a new OS for, but ze’d like to get reimbursed. Reimbursement granted. Ella will also donate a new mouse, and may have an extra keyboard, but if not then we’re confident that we can find a keyboard easily.

2) Website – Ella added a footer to the website, as well as a map application in the contact box. Also a few backroom stuff were edited to make posting and such more convenient. It is basically done, so next week we will do a last review and see whether we can put it up for the public.

3) Promotional materials – The main promo materials needed right now is the Open House flier and the calendar, as well as handbill versions of each. Ella wanted to know a timetable for making them. Scheduling right now is dependent on when we can get a wheelchair ramp constructed. We’re going to get an estimate on that, perhaps two before the next meeting, so we’ll table that discussion until then.

4) May Day – We’re going to get a hold of people and see what sort of date and time is best for an organizational meeting. Ella’s set up Doodle for us to refer people to, so we can do exactly that. The location for our pre-planning meeting will be the Mill. The Doodle link is here: http://doodle.com/wrx3inec7yus766q

Adjourned: 7:47 PM