2/1/16 Minutes: Spring Calendar, Porchfest

In Attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:01 PM

1. Event Review/Reimbursement – We had our counter-protest against the Walk For Life on Saturday. We had one of our better turnouts for this year’s version. We need to do a better job next year of marshalling the marching portion, as we had a couple of protestors fall behind while the people at the front were moving pretty quickly. Jackson also needs to be reimbursed $5.34 for buying extra posterboards for the protest. This is approved by consensus.

2. Upcoming Event – Our movie night for Panther is this Saturday! We’re ready for it.

3. Porchfest Fundraiser – Maya wants to do something in Mid-May. We came up with a handful of days that would work with us, and we’re sending them to her to see what she prefers. We also reiterated that we can’t accomodate noisy stuff here.

4. Spring Calendar –

No discussions on second Saturdays.

Rape Culture Discussion (do we revive the Feminist Discussion Group brand?)
Film? “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry,” “Tangerine,” and/or “The Girls”

No events on April 23rd (Lincoln Earth Day) — Are we tabling there?
Discussion: Environmental Justice/Classism/Racism of Environmental Destruction
Movie: Children of Men
And possibly: The Superior Human?

Movie: Sir, No Sir!
Discussion: Modern-Day Labor Struggle (Fight For $15?)
Porchfest Fundraiser

Meeting adjourned: 8:34 PM

Tabled: Spring Calendar, Organizational Vision (see 1/26/16 minutes)