1/26/16 Minutes: Counter-Protest, Spring Calendar

[Note: Only one person was able to come to the usual scheduled Monday meeting – necessity required we meet on the following Tuesday instead]

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)
Start time: 6:40 PM

1. Upcoming Event – The counter-protest is at the end of this week! We have snacks and markers for the poster making party, and Ty will get some more poster boards. Morning of the protest, Jackson will get the donuts. We also have the childcare volunteers lined up. However, we spaced on asking ACLU for a legal observer, and Jackson will see if one can be lined up last minute.

2. Spring Calendar – We had a brainstorming session as far as events we wanted to fill the calendar with. Ty cannot have anything scheduled on the second Saturdays, but other than that we would like mostly Saturday events.

March: We’d like to do feminist-centered events for this month. For movie considerations, Ty brought up “She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry,” “Tangerine,” and “The Girls” as possible showings. As far as discussions, we thought about rape culture and/or a historical overview of feminisms that may or may not be called “Making Waves”

April: Jackson wants to do at least one event that is environmentally focused. Animal rights is on the table, as we haven’t done something about that in a while. Ty suggested “environmental destruction as classism and racism,” using the poisoned water in Flint as an example of environmental racism in action. We also need to take into account Lincoln Earth Day as well, which is on April 23rd. TBD for a movie.

May: We wanted an anti-war film for May, and we decided to do “Sir! No Sir!” We also need something to do on May Day, which is on a Sunday this year. TBD for a discussion.

3. Graphics – Ty has a friend that has offered to help with graphic design work. We might have a few projects that we will see if he can assist with.

4. Group Organization – Ty went to the Creating Change conference, and he went to a workshop that gave organizing tips. Something he really took away from that is “defining organizational vision,” and so he’d like to go over the mission statement and our “About Us” description to make sure that 1) it reflects what we actually do and 2) it is specific about what we want to accomplish. We’re gonna table it for one of our slower meetings.

5. Black Power Mixtape – Facebook event needs to go up!

Meeting adjourned: 8:28 PM

Tabled: Spring Calendar, Organizational Vision (see 1/26/16 minutes)

1/18/16 Minutes: Walk For Life Counter-Protest

In attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:03 PM

1. Event Reviews – We had our “What is Communism?” discussion on January 9th. The turnout was decent, and the conversation was very good. We had our Star Trek VI movie night last Saturday night. Turnout was a bit disappointing, but the discussion afterward was still very good.

2. Walk For Life Protest Update – We discussed some of the logistics of the upcoming protest, particularly the childcare and confirming the sign-making party. We agree that we’ll provide snacks for the Friday night sign-making party, and doughnuts for the Saturday morning gathering.

3. February Events – We spent some time making Facebook events for next month’s events.

Meeting adjourned: 8:20 PM

1/4/16 Minutes: Upcoming Events, Meeting Cancellation

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)

Start time: 7:03 PM

1.Upcoming Events: We have a What is… Communism discussion on Saturday. We came up with a list of subjects that we could bring up to stir discussion. We’ll do a little research into these to make sure we’re prepared. Other than that, we need to finish cleaning the public space.

2.Next Week: There will be a We Are Vital meeting next week during our usual meeting time. Since things have been slow on our end, we decided to cancel our weekly meeting. Everything is pretty much prepped for our movie night, so it’s okay.

Meeting adjourned: 7:23 PM