9/28/15 Minutes: Concert, Columbus Day

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)

Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Upcoming Event: Food, Inc. is this Saturday! Should be simple to set up.

2. Concert: A touring artist is coming through the area, and wants to book a show here on October 2nd. We listened to some songs, but we didn’t really get any explicit social/political content out of them. We decided it wasn’t worth making last minute accommodations for.

3. Columbus Day: Ty made a post in the event page asking if there would be interest in a sign-making party. We also need to make copies of Brian’s “Why We Should Abolish Columbus Day” zine. Jackson found a digital copy of it, and will send in a request to the copy center for 50 copies.

4. Copy machine: Ty needs the proper usb cord in order to set up the software. Then it’ll be good to go! Jackson ordered it, and he’ll be reimbursed for it.

5. Data entry: Looks like we waited too long on that. We’ll have to ask for Ella’s help in getting the missing pieces in our archive.

Tabled: Copy machine, data entry (LGBT fundraiser removed. We don’t have time to organize something like that after all.)

Meeting adjourned: 7:39 PM

9/21/15 Minutes: Buttons, Upcoming Events

In attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)

Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – We had our discussion on gentrification on Saturday. It had a solid turnout, despite the fact that we had a lot of competition as far as interesting stuff happening around town on the only non-Husker Gameday in September. Ty thinks that if we’re going to lead off a discussion with some potentially lengthy background, as happened Saturday, that we should offer the clarification that we can be interrupted so that we’re not monopolizing the conversation.

2. Buttons – Ty has been hung up on logistics details concerning the labels we want to put on the backs of them. We took some time to look around at options. We decided we can use ones that are 1″ by 0.5″, but at that size we’ll probably only have space to print our website on them.

3. October Events – We took some time to put up our upcoming October events on Facebook and begin to promote them online.

Tabled: Columbus Day protest, Copy Machine, data entry, LGBT fundraiser

Meeting adjourned: 8:25 PM

9/14/15 Minutes: Events, Assorted Things to Get Done

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)
Start time: 8:15 PM

1. Event Review: We had an LSH meeting on Thursday, and a movie on Friday. Anarchism in America had a very good turnout and discussion, and Ty figures that we have better showings when the movies are relatively hard to get a hold of or are otherwise not in the public eye.

2. Upcoming Event: What is Gentrification is coming up on Saturday. Jackson’s going to be the moderator for that discussion, and he’s doing a bit more studying on the subject.

3. Columbus Day Protest: We should put together a flier, and get that event posted soon. Perhaps a poster making party? That will likely depend on how much interest there is for one.

4. Buttons: Ty is continuing to work on button designs. He’s making pretty decent progress, by his own account.

5. Copy machine: The copy machine still needs to have the software uploaded to our computers. Just a note that it needs to get done.

Tabled: Data entry, LGBT fundraiser

Meeting adjourned: 8:25 PM

9/7/15 Minutes: Fundraising, Buttons

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:03 PM

1. Upcoming Events: LSH is meeting here on Thursday. There is a movie on Friday as well!

2. Fundraisers: A friend of ours has started Equality Press, a non-profit publishing company focusing on making radical literature accessible to children, and they are crowdfunding their first book. Jackson suggested donating $100 to the campaign, and Ty recommended bumping that up to $115 to count for a reward tier that would give us three hardcovers and five softcovers of the book, because while we only need one or two for the House library, being able to donate copies to other organizations would be awesome. As Ty has a Kickstarter account, we will give the money for him to pledge on the website.

We Are Vital is also raising money for a canvassing campaign to do a broader poll of the neighborhood residents on what they think of the neighborhood, rather than merely the landlords and business consultants that those in charge of the SoDo project are basing their opinions on. We plan on donating $100 to this effort, and we’ll get in touch with the organizer of this project whether she wants it through GoFundMe or through a more direct means.

3. Buttons: We need more pronoun buttons! Organizations at UNL found them to be a big hit, and we need to restock! Ty will have to figure out how to design them, or get in contact with someone who has the proper templates. Also, we would like to get a sticker designed to place on the back of pressed buttons with The Black Cat House name and website.

4. Fundraising Event: The LGBTQA+ Resource Center and similar student organizations on campus usually start raising money to go to social activism conferences around this time. Since Ty wishes to go as well in order to bring back networking and knowledge around activism, he was wondering whether we could put on some sort of fundraising event. A benefit dinner worked really well last time, but since this is a different crowd, we’re not sure if it would work. Jackson suggested selling buttons and the jewelry that Ty makes, but we’re not sure where. We’re tabling this until we can fully form a plan.

Tabled: Data entry, LGBT fundraiser

Meeting adjourned: 7:50 PM

8/31/15 Minutes: Donation, Buttons, Copy Machine

In attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:01 PM

1. Donation – A Novel Idea gave us $200 as the spring beneficiaries of their Thank You Tuesdays! We should thank them on social media. We’ll be adding the donation to our general treasury for now.

2. Buttons – Ty has been giving out lots of our pronoun buttons. We’ll need to print more soon. Ty also reminds us that we need to get stickers with BCH info to put on the backs of them. We also had a request to add a “No Pronouns” option to our line of pronoun buttons. We might also need more pride flag buttons soon. Ty reports we are out of pansexual buttons. Ty will also see about whipping up a BCH button.

3. Copy Machine – We took some meeting time to set up our new copy machine.

Tabled: Data entry

Meeting adjourned: 7:40 PM