6/24/15 Meeting Minutes: Sama, fundraising

In attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:03 PM

1. Event review – We watched FernGully here on Saturday night. We had a decent discussion afterward.

2. Button fundraising – We’ve been asked to press some buttons for a local band, as a small fundraising project. We’ve agreed to do it, and Jackson has put in an order with the copy center. He’ll be reimbursed for that expense.

3. Sama – Jackson received a reply from Sama concerning some logistics of the upcoming August discussion/concert. Ashley may be able to create a poster to promote. Ty will gather some queer speakers for the discussion portion.

4. Fliers – Ty has updated our old fliers for the 416 documentary showing, and Jackson will get some printed this week.

We spent the rest of the meeting catching up on Facebook events for our July events.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30 PM

6/17/15 Minutes: Events, Painting

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – We had Trekkies on Friday, but no one showed. There was an oversight and not many people were invited in the first place, so that was likely the cause. Jackson notes that there has been a decline of attendees in general for them, and he may cut back on them in the fall.

2. Upcoming Event – FernGully is on Saturday. It’s on Netflix and we’ll be running it off Ty’s computer. We need to invite people to avoid last week’s problem. Ty shared it again on the Facebook page.

3. Painting – Our painting “U.S. History” has fallen off the wall, and Ty is going to invite his grandfather over soon to figure out some new hardware to better keep it mounted. We’re considering making any new supplies we need a house expense, but we don’t have quorum.

4. What’s Next? – We continued the discussion on what sort of focus we wanted the House to continue to take in the next few months, years, etc.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30 PM

6/10/15 Minutes: Sama concert

In attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – We showed Selma on Saturday night. It was our best turnout for a movie night in a while. The discussion was ok too.

2. Upcoming Event – Trekkies For Humanism is back on Friday night. We’re ready for it.

3. Sama – Sama wants to do a concert and discussion on LGBTQ issues at our house on Thursday, August 13th. She played a concert here last year, and she was political enough for our standards. We agree to allow the event. Jackson will email her to confirm the date, and see if she has a flier already designed.

4. What’s Next? – We spent the rest of the meeting trying to look ahead at what we should be doing over the next several months. We didn’t make any decisions; this discussion is sure to continue over the coming weeks.

Meeting adjourned: 7:45 PM

6/3/15 Minutes: Selma, Copy Machine

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:05 PM

1. Upcoming Event – We’re showing Selma here on Saturday night. We’ll be adding the DVD to our lending library. Jackson bought the movie, and we agree to reimburse him $7.96 for it. Ty will make a post on facebook the Monday after the movie, announcing that we have the DVD in our library.

2. Copy Machine – Ashley suggests we consider spending more money on a copy machine. The one we have she bought for $30, and she thinks we could use an upgrade. We have the money, and have already spent a lot on commercial printing since ours broke. We budget $200 for the copy machine, Ashley will start the hunt. As far as budget goes, a large paper cutter would be nice. We’ll look into getting one, and see how the treasury looks then.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:26