12/15/14 Minutes: Holiday cancellations

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson, Sammi (moderator), Ty (moderator)
Start Time: 7:00

Event review: The movie was a bust, which wasn’t a huge surprise. People are busy around the holidays, there’s nothing we really could have done differently.

Upcoming events; The solstice party is on Friday, as well as a #blacklivesmatter discussion. Jackson is in charge of getting pizza, and Ashley will remind the Lincoln Athiests to bring soda. At far as the discussion, Ashley will lead it. There’s been a lot of talk in the facebook group about how effective different types of protest are, Ashley will do some research and have information on hand for it.

Book: Jackson bought Freud for Beginners for the library. We’re all cool with adding it, he doesn’t want to be reimbursed.

Money: We have a little over $100 in the library. Ashley thinks we should donate $65 to the free store kickstarter and get a red and black flag. We decide to sit on the money for a while; there are some things that would be nice to have, but nothing we need right now.

Message: scott crow recommeded us to a person who puts together a zine by prisoners called “The System that Holds Us Captive”; they asked if we’d be interested in buying some copies. Ashley will see how much it will cost, we want a copy for the archive and for a the library, and might pick up a few more.

Holiday cancellations: Ashley requested that we cancel the rest of the general meetings for this year, as well as open hours for the 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st. We all approve of this.

12/8/14 Minutes: Upcoming Events

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Barry, Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Upcoming Events – The movie night for What Would Jesus Buy? is this Friday, and Jackson owns the DVD so it’ll be easy to set up. All we have to do is make some popcorn. Winter Solstice party is on the 19th, the Lincoln Secular Humanists are gonna be buying pizzas, the Lincoln Atheists will bring soda, and anyone else can bring any food they want in addition to that. The #BlackLivesMatter discussion is the day after the solstice party, and we need to make sure the house is cleaned up after the festivities.

The counter-protest to the anti-choice Walk for Life is on January 31st. We’ll schedule a poster making party the week of, and we need to do a lot of promotion. We should offer childcare at the house again, we’ll have a sign-up sheet with the contact info of the children’s parent(s) and any info we need to know. At the Lincoln Secular Humanists meeting, Brian stated he was concerned about safety after the protest. We should encourage everyone to escort each other to cars or other safe spaces. We also need to contact the ACLU to make sure there’s a legal observer present.

2. Fliers – We need to get more calendar handbills and cat handbills produced. We also need a small run of smaller calendars, so we should ask Ella for that file.

Meeting adjourned: 7:20 PM

12/1/14 Minutes: Winter Calendar

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Ramona, Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – Our “Black Lives Matter” discussion was on Saturday, and it was a huge success. Our space barely held everyone who turned up! A new Facebook group has been started, and there is talk of wanting to do more of these discussions. We will try to do another one in December, but it probably won’t make it on our calendar.

2. Upcoming Event – LSH is meeting here on Thursday evening. We’re ready for it.

3. Donations – Some money was donated to a rat-rescue project that Ashley is working on, and some of the material was addressed to Black Cat House/Rat Rescue. That money is probably not meant for us, but is probably just a misunderstanding because of Ashley’s dual role. We’ll pass all of it on to the rat rescue.

4. Calendar – Our calendars are pretty much done, but we’re still waiting for confirmation from Lazlos (LSH Solstice Party) before we can get them printed. We may have them here tomorrow. We’re supposed to have handbills, too, but they may not be done at the same time.

5. HPA – Ramona is thinking about starting a Nebraska chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance. We discussed it for a bit, and we agreed that Indigo Bridge is probably the best venue for first meetings. We may revisit the subject if there are issues with scheduling something there.

Meeting adjourned: 7:38 PM