8/25/14 Minutes: Beehive Collective, Pasta Feed, Band, Books


In attendance: Ashley, Jackson (secretary), Sammi (moderator), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – The Letter-writing event was ok, and Trekkies was fun.

2. Book – Jackson bought a book for the library last week: A People’s History of the American Revolution. We agreed to reimburse him $4.45 for the book.

3. Bands – A folk-punk band wants to play here on Friday, November 7th. Their politics seem compatible with ours, so we’re ok with them playing here. Ashley will start working on promotional materials.

4. Pasta Feed – Jackson still needs to pick up the last few ingredients. Ashley still needs to collect a few pots and tables. Ashley and Ty will clean the kitchen this week.

5. Beehive Collective – Tyler has been in touch to say that he wants to bring the event here on Wednesday, October 1st. There is a potential conflict there, with Ashley and Jackson also being scheduled to speak at Doane that night. Ashley will get in touch to see if we can tweak that; otherwise, Jackson would probably speak at Doane and Ashley would stay here to host the Bees.

Tabled: calendar, police zine, speaker stipend, networking, website, buttons

Meeting adjourned: 7:30 PM

8/18/14 Minutes: Pasta Feed, bands

In attendance: Ashley (secretary) Jackson (moderator), Ella, Sammi (moderator), Ty
Meeting started: 7:01

Event review: We had the animal rights discussion. Skyping the event was really successful, we could also use google hangouts. The discussion itself went well, having Brian there was a huge asset.

Upcoming events: We have 3 events this week; writing to prisoners, trekkies for humanism, and the power feminist crafting circle wants to meet here on Sunday. There’s not much prep needed for any of these events.

Bands: There are two bands that want to play at the house September 11th. The bands aren’t political, they’re not acoustic, and they want to play on a night we’ve already scheduled an event. Ashley will message them back and let them know we can’t host.

Pasta feed: The facebook event is going well, this seems like it will be a successful event! Ashley will reach out to Brian (from the LA) and see if he’d be willing to cover dessert for the event. We’ll also ask other Brian if he’s still wanting to bring garlic bread. We’ll figure out how much food we need this week, and Jackson will go buy it.

Police Zine: We bought a zine from Ben Turk when he was in town last, it’s a workbook meant to help you figure out how to deal with certain emergencies situations without calling the cops. We decide to go over it together in meeting. We finished half the zine, and will go over the rest next week.

Meeting adjourned: 8:04
Tabled: Police Zine, Speaker stipend, Networking, Website, Buttons

8/11/14 Minutes: Zines, Buttons, LSH Pasta Feed

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (moderator), Tati (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review: The BDS did not have as much turn out as we expected, but it was still a very moving event. We’ll be doing a similar event in the fall calendar, and Ashley will make a flier for it. The movie night went awesome! It seems like our science fiction showings have been doing really well. It didn’t illicit much of a discussion, so it might not be worth repeating in upcoming years.

2. Upcoming Events: What are… Animal Rights? is on its way! Brian’s been bringing it up to his animal rights activist contacts, and we need to read up on talking points. We will also have vegan snacks. We also had a request from Sammi to be Skyped in, so we’ll facilitate that.

3. Zine Drop: We have a ton of zines concerning Columbus and why Columbus Day shouldn’t be celebrated. Ashley thinks we should leave them at locations along with our regular fliers in order to educate people on the issue. We think that’s a solid plan.

4. Wholesale Buttons: We didn’t establish a price for when we sell buttons in bulk to other organizations in town. We think 50 cents a button, for an order of 10 buttons or more would be reasonable. We also discussed selling them online and what the prices will be for that, but we decided to table that discussion for now.

5. Calendar Revision: On the current list of events for the next calendar, it says “Anti-Columbus Day Protest.” This is inconsistent with how we usually have it, as “Abolish Columbus Day Protest.” Ashley will be revising this in the past minutes.

6. Pasta Feed: The Lincoln Secular Humanists are having their Pastafarian Pasta Feed Fundraiser on September 4th, at 6 pm, co-sponsored by the Lincoln Atheists. It will be by suggested donation. We’ll prepare spaghetti, fettuccine, and whole-wheat penne, have alfredo and marinara sauce, and both veggie and meat mix-ins to the sauce. We’ll have garlic bread as a side and cupcakes as a dessert. We’ll ask other people if they’d like to bring sides and desserts as well. Tati will ask around his family for additional pots and serving bowls. Ashley will acquire crock pots to keep the sauce heated.

7. Library: Since updating the website has been delayed, we’ll be resuming adding books to the library database.

Meeting adjourned: 7:43 PM

Tabled: Speaker stipend, Networking, Website, Buttons

8/4/14 Minutes: Reimbursement/Website, Fall Calendar correction

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Tati (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Upcoming Events – We are hosting a BDS discussion on Thursday. All that Charles needed from us was a projector, which we have. We’re also showing Godzilla on Saturday night. No problems there, either.

2. Reimbursement/Website – Fatcow has renewed our hosting for another year, and Jackson needs reimbursement for $148.36. We’ll be on their hosting for another year. Jackson also sought, and received, reimbursement for $1.07 for printing button papers last week.

3. Calendar correction – Ashley forgot to add the letter-writing to prisoners event to the calendar last week. Here’s the updated schedule:

Lincoln Secular Humanists Pastafarian Pasta Feed Fundraiser Sept 4th @6
Lincoln Secular Humanists Meeting Sept 11 @7
What is… the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Sept 13th @7
Writing Letters to Political Prisoners Sept 16th @3-6
Trekkies for Humanism: “Who Watches the Watchers” (TNG) Sept 19th @7

Abolish Columbus Day Protest (16th and O) Oct 13th @5
Zine Making Workshop Oct 18th @2
Trekkies for Humanism: “Catspaw” (TOS) Oct 24th @7

Movie Night: (A)sexual – Nov 8th @7
Trekkies For Humanism: “Critical Care” (VOY) Nov 14th @7
How to Organize Protests Nov 15 @1
Writing Letters to Political Prisoners Nov 18 @3-6

4. Books – We spent some time looking at books that have been offered to the lending library.

Meeting adjourned: 7:20 PM