7/28/14 Minutes: Beehive Collective, Calendar

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Phoebe, Sammi, Tati (moderator)
Start: 7:00

1. Event review: the feminist discussion group went well, even through the turn out was a bit low because Ashley didn’t get the event up soon enough.

2. Button: Ashley made some designs for buttons, anarchy flags and identity flags. We look at the rough designs, and agree to do a test batch. Ashley will send those to Jackson this week. We also decide that we’ll sell our buttons for $1. Sammi also drew some ideas for BCH buttons, Ashley will see if she can make them into buttons.

3. Beehive Collective: Tyler sent us another email, giving more details about the event. He’s making progress getting things ready at UNL, and he’s decided how the events are going to look. He’s wanting to do a brainstorming session here on Friday, and then do the actual graphics making the next. He sent us some questions to ponder before the event.

Are there currently existing, ongoing, or proposed public art projects
in Lincoln? (not necessarily “official,” just publicly viewable)

Are there issues/campaigns/events that you/your group could use graphics

Are there issues in your community that are very multi-faceted?
something that would benefit from diverse perspectives coming into

Do you have graphics/flyers/logos/whatever that could benefit from a
group rethinking and redesigning them?

Does your space allow for hands-on art-making mess? ie screen-printing,
stencil-making, or other stuff that may leave behind stains, plus we
also will need multiple tables and big sink, etc

4. Calendar: Ashley talked the collective into letting her organize a zine-making workshop.

Lincoln Secular Humanists Pastafarian Pasta Feed Fundraiser Sept 4th @6
Lincoln Secular Humanists Meeting Sept 11 @7
What is… the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Sept 13th @7
Trekkies for Humanism: “Who Watches the Watchers” (TNG) Sept 19th @7

Anti-Columbus Day Protest (16th and O) Oct 13th @5
Zine Making Workshop Oct 18th @2
Trekkies for Humanism: “Catspaw” (TOS) Oct 24th @7

Movie Night: (A)sexual – Nov 8th @7
Trekkies For Humanism: “Critical Care” (VOY) Nov 14th @7
How to Organize Protests Nov 15 @1

Jackson wants to add an off-calendar Trekkies for August, Enterprise’s “Stigma”. We’ll do it on the 22nd.

End Time: 7:58

7/21/14 Minutes: Calendar, Books, Love+

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (moderator), Sammi, Tati (secretary)
Start time: 7:01 PM

1. Website: We received a message from Ella. She’s working on the website still and is looking into paying the website hosting fees monthly if possible until she can get it worked out.

2. Event Review: Letter Writing and the movie night went well! Movie night’s turnout was a little less than expected, but we had a good discussion from those who did come.

3. Upcoming Events: We have a feminist discussion group coming this weekend. We still don’t have an event up yet! Ashley apologizes, and will get it up tonight.

4. Reimbursements: Jackson printed some fliers, for $2.14, and bought a book to donate for $2.12. We approve.

5. Buttons: Ashley’s gonna get some designs ready to go, to bring to the collective at a later date to approve.

6. Books: We went through a lot more book donations again! We have just a few more to go through, and a few to look over to see if they’re accessible enough, and we’ll talk about them next week.

7. Love+: Due to personal problems, Ashley asks to postpone Love+. We can make an open-ended announcement on the Facebook group and see if anyone would be willing to take it up.

8. Calendar:
Lincoln Secular Humanism Pastafarian Pasta Feed Fundraiser Sept 4th
What is… the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict? Sept TBA
Trekkies for Humanism: “Who Watches the Watchers” (TNG) Sept TBA

Anti-Columbus Day Protest Oct 13th
Trekkies for Humanism: “Catspaw” (TOS) Oct 24th

Movie Night: (A)sexual – Nov TBA (early in the month)
Trekkies For Humanism: “Critical Care” (VOY) Nov TBA
[workshop on organizing protests, name TBA] Nov TBA

Other event ideas: Feminist Discussion Group, zine making workshop

The Beehive Collective event is subject to change, potentially even after we print the fliers, so we will not put it on the calendar. We will make a flier specifically dedicated to it when the date is finally set in stone.

9. Activists and “Difficult People”: We discussed the next sections, “Antisocial Behavior” and “Stalking and the Potential for Violence” and the conclusion. Ashley proposes a similar article to read for our next one, dealing specifically with difficult behaviors during events. However, ‘cause this article took us several meetings, we’ll take a break.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30 PM
Tabled: Networking, Website, Speaker Stipend, Books

7/14/14 Minutes: Fall Calendar, Buttons, Library Donations

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Sammi (late), Tati (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event review: The discussion went well on Saturday, and we raised a little bit of money for Owe Aku. We were also able to raise some awareness of the event, and several people indicated an interest in making donations on their own.

2. Upcoming Events: We have the letter-writing event on Wednesday, and we should be ready for that. We also have the _Pink Ribbons Inc_ movie on Sunday, and Ashley is planning to run it off of her computer since it is on Netflix. We’ll put out a few simple refreshments. We’re ready.

3. Fliers: Ashley reports that we are running low on the “Capitalism got you down?” BCH fliers. We’ll print another 50 sheets of them.

4. Buttons: Our pronoun buttons made their debut at Pride over the weekend, and Ashley reports that they were well-received (especially by younger people). We have enough of them left over for basic house events for the foreseeable future. Jackson will be reimbursed $3.21 for the printing costs of the papers for those buttons.

We also discussed other ideas for buttons. Our main priority is probably adding a Black Cat House logo button, but we’ll probably have to wait for Ella to get around to it (and she is very busy with our website right now). Ashley and Tati also propose adding queer-identity flag pins, and also some anarchist-identity flag pins as well.

Ashley also recommends that we offer our services to allied groups, as they may have button-making needs as well. Ashley thinks that the Lincoln Atheists in particular have several designs that would look good in buttons.

5. Mail: We received a letter from the Sporeprint Infoshop in Columbus, Ohio. They’re excited to hear about our activities, and are hoping for a penpal here (and some of our pronoun buttons). Ashley volunteers to stay in contact with them.

6. Books: We received many donations for the lending library. We took some time to sort through them and decide which ones we wanted to pick up.

7. Calendar:

LSH Pastafarian Pasta Feed Fundraiser Sept 4th
Trekkies for Humanism: “Who Watches the Watchers” (TNG) Sept TBA

Love+ Oct 11th (Formerly SexyFest; Add a Feminist Discussion Group for one of the panels?)
Anti-Columbus Day Protest Oct 13th
Trekkies for Humanism: “Catspaw” (TOS) Oct 24th

Trekkies For Humanism: “Critical Care” (VOY) Nov TBA

Other event ideas: workshop on organizing protests, Movie Night: (A)sexual, whatever we can schedule with the Beehive Collective

8. Sammi: We voted to give Sammi full membership/voting privileges.

Meeting adjourned: 8:27 PM

Tabled: Networking, Website, Love+, Speaker Stipend, Activists and “Difficult People”, Calendar

7/7/14 Minutes: Reimbursement, Earth to Lincoln, Calendar

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Jamie, Sammi, Tati (moderator), Tessa
Meeting started: 7:00

1. Upcoming Events: the KXL event is this weekend. Ashley did a ton of research on the subject, so we’re probably good as far as running the event goes. Ashley will research handouts and see if we can have anything to give out.

2. Reimbursement: Ryan Harvey was able to stop by on the 4th on his way home to Baltimore. He has all of his AK press books with him, along with his CD’s. He donated over a dozen CD’s, and Jackson bought a book called “We Are Many”. We agree to reimburse him $20 for the book. We also need cases for the CD’s, because most of them are in paper cases. Jackson will look into this.

3. Radio Interview: Ashley got interviewed for Earth to Lincoln this afternoon, about the Black Cat House and the KXL event. It’ll probably premiere tomorrow at 6:30.

4. Calendar:
Sammi had some suggestions for sexyfest. They recommended that instead of doing “posi” in the titled, add a plus sign (sex+, love+). We really like love+, it seems more all-ages and would be easy branding.

LSH Pastafarian Pasta Feed Fundraiser Sept 4th
Trekkies for Humanism: TNG Who Watches the Watchers Sept TBA

“SexyFest” Oct 11th
Trekkies for Humanism: TOS Catspaw Oct 24th

Other event ideas: workshop on organizing protests, Trekkies for Humanism, Movie Night: (A)sexual, whatever we can schedule with the Beehive Collective

5. Activism and “Difficult People”: We only made it through one section of the article tonight. We went through the list of difficult people and discussed what they were and how we would handle them depending on the situation. We also talked about ways to handle calling out our friends as being difficult, or being difficult ourselves.http://www.bmartin.cc/pubs/01san.html

Meeting Adjourned: 8:29

Tabled: Networking, Website, SexyFest/love+, Speaker Stipend, Activists and “Difficult People”, Calendar