4/29/13 Minutes: May Day, Opening Event

Meeting started: 7:03
In Attendance: Ashley (secretary), Ella (moderator), Jackson, Tati (moderator)

May Day: Ashley looked at 3 different stores and couldn’t find the supplies we needed to marshal the march. Ashley is going to look at a different store tonight hopefully, and if they can’t fins them there, they’ll buy them online. We messaged Brian and see about the microphone and speakers. All other matters have been taken care of.

Flyers: We need handbills for the open house by this weekend. Ella is going to print off handbills and larger poster-sized flyers. Jackson is going to print off more handbills for the march, and the collective agrees to reimburse him for it.

Opening: We discuss what we want to do at the open house. We decide to serve appetizers and a couple of deserts, and play some music.

We had a brainstorming session after the formal minutes to talk about future projects.

Meeting ended: 7:50

4/22/13 Minutes: Calendar, May Day

Start Time: 5:32 PM
In Attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (moderator), Tati (secretary)

1. Chair reimbursement: Jackson bought a chair for the house, asked for $5.33 to cover that. The House agreed to do so.

2. Calendar: Calendar will be as follows:

June 1st, from 3 to 7 PM – Black Cat Open House
June 15th, at 1 PM – What is… Anarchism?
June 22nd, at 7 PM – Movie Night: Dr. Strangelove
June 30th, at 2 PM – Feminist Discussion Group: Feminism in the U.S.

July 13th, at 1 PM – What is… Nationalism?
July 21st, at 4 PM – Movie Night: The Corporation
July 28th, at 2 PM – Feminist Discussion Group: Geek Culture

August 8h, at 7 PM – Movie Night: Bowling for Columbine
August 17th, at 1 PM – What is… Gender Identity?
August 25th, at 2 PM – Feminist Discussion Group: Intersectionality

edit: Ashley found out ze is going to be out of town in early August, so the dates had to be moved around so ze could host the “what is..?” event. the original plan was for the Gender Identity event to be on the 10th and the movie to the be on the 15th.

Open hours are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 3 to 6 PM. Meetings are on Mondays at 7 PM.

3. May Day: Jackson is going to be the MC, and he will get ahold of the speakers at least a week before the event to figure out how they want to be introduced. In addition to the intros he will also explain the parade route and some guidelines before we march. Everyone in the room has agreed to be marshals, and we will ask a few more people for added safety. Ashley will get us whistles and armbands.

Meeting adjourned: 6:07 PM

Note: Meeting was earlier than normal this week due to a decision to be at an event held by the International Socialist Organization, which was taking place at the same time our meeting would usually be held.

4/15/13 Minutes: May Day, Movies, Bike Kitchen

Start time: 7:00 PM

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Tati (moderator)
Making an appearance: Ella

1. May Day – Facebook event is now public, and our “friends” have been invited. Ashley is still following up with our tentative speaker lineup: Jeffrey, Steve, Ben, Mika? Ella delivered fliers. We need to distribute fliers at the following places:


Open Harvest


F St. Rec Center


Coffee House
Creamery Building
A Novel Idea
Yia Yia’s
Grateful Greens
Parrish Studios/Anti-Oppression Art
Hudson Bay
Grateful Bread
Bodhi Imports
The Mill


UNL Union

2. Website – Ashley wants to replace our Tumblr link in the footer, with a link to our new Twitter account (which is much more active). We are ok with this.
3. Bike Kitchen – Ashley thinks we should offer our backyard for a “guerrilla kitchen” day. We like the Bike Kitchen, so we’ll see if our space is adequate for their needs. We’ll probably wait to do host one until after we open in June.
4. Movies – A Good Day to Die (American Indian Movement) — save for February; still need movies for June, July, and August; tabled – we need to do research out of meeting and be prepared for decisions next week.

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 PM

4/8/13 Minutes: Opening & Future Events

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Ella (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Tati
Meeting started: 7:00

1) Opening – A contractor has been chosen and given the go ahead to start building the wheelchair ramp. Opening Saturday, June 1st to allow time for any issues or roadblocks that may arise. Aiming to have handbills and promotional materials prepared and printed in time for May Day March.

2) Events – Open House will be Saturday, June 1 from 3:00–7:00pm. The first three What is…? events have been modified to Anarchism, Nationalism, and Gender Identities. FDG events will remain approximately as Western Feminism 101, Geek Culture, and Intersectionality. Movies yet to be determined but suggested topics include the death penalty, American Indian Movement, BP Oil Spill. Tabled for later discussion.

3) May Day – The rally at the Capitol has been approved but have not received approval for the March as of yet. Ashley will call city officials tomorrow to see the status. Four speakers have accepted the request to speak.

4) Promo Materials – Open House handbill and seasonal event poster/handbill needs to be designed next. May Day poster/flyers are waiting for event details to finalize for printing.

5) Social Media – Twitter and Instagram could be useful outreach social media tools. Going to begin utilizing them after prep and social media strategy research.

Meeting adjourned: 7:56pm