2/25/13 Minutes: May Day

In attendance: Ashley, Ella (moderator), Jackson (moderator), Tati (secretary)
Meeting Start: 7:00 PM

1) Computer – Ashley has brought a computer to use as our public use computer. The OS is out of date though, and Ashley is offering to get a new OS for, but ze’d like to get reimbursed. Reimbursement granted. Ella will also donate a new mouse, and may have an extra keyboard, but if not then we’re confident that we can find a keyboard easily.

2) Website – Ella added a footer to the website, as well as a map application in the contact box. Also a few backroom stuff were edited to make posting and such more convenient. It is basically done, so next week we will do a last review and see whether we can put it up for the public.

3) Promotional materials – The main promo materials needed right now is the Open House flier and the calendar, as well as handbill versions of each. Ella wanted to know a timetable for making them. Scheduling right now is dependent on when we can get a wheelchair ramp constructed. We’re going to get an estimate on that, perhaps two before the next meeting, so we’ll table that discussion until then.

4) May Day – We’re going to get a hold of people and see what sort of date and time is best for an organizational meeting. Ella’s set up Doodle for us to refer people to, so we can do exactly that. The location for our pre-planning meeting will be the Mill. The Doodle link is here: http://doodle.com/wrx3inec7yus766q

Adjourned: 7:47 PM

2/18/13 Minute: Yard Sale

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Tati (moderator)
Meeting Started: 7:00 PM

1) Porch light – Tati attempted to investigate the situation, but just isn’t tall enough! Jackson will attempt to unscrew it, and see if we need to buy a new fixture.

2) Wheelchair ramp – Ashley’s done some research, but we don’t yet have any leads on contractors for the job. We need to do more research, possibly by asking around at accessibility stores in town.

3) Bathroom – We haven’t heard anything from our contractor yet. Ashley needs to call him and see what’s up.

4) Living room – Jackson needs to clean out the desk in the living room very soon. Tati suggests a deadline for cleaning all personal items out of the public space: we should be done by the time we hold our yard sale fundraiser.

5) Yard sale – We decided we’re going to tentatively schedule our yard sale for March 16. Jackson suggests we brand it as a “Help us get a wheelchair ramp!” fundraiser, because that is most likely what we’ll put the proceeds toward anyway. We’ll need to start watching the long-term weather forecasts to see whether the weather will cooperate that day. Our rain-date is tentatively March 23. We need to be getting our items ready, and start soliciting for donations from our supporters as well (within the event advertising itself, or by direct communication with our friends, etc.). We’ll aim to have our FB advertisements for the event up about two weeks in advance. We should probably start soliciting for donations ASAP. We’ll discuss our progress next week.

6) Library update: Ashley has plugged all of the books in our library into our web database, except for the dictionaries (which we won’t bother with). We still need to add shelves and physically organize the books. We could also possibly be working on zines, but our printer is not currently working so that is on hold. We still need to get some kind of donations box for libary expenses/expansion. Ashley suggests that we have a separate library-related treasury.

7) Stuff we need: We’re not actively buying the stuff we need right now because we’re waiting to see how much we need for the ramp. Ashley will post our list to the FB page and see if anyone wants to donate, or sell to us at a discount. We’ll need to get our public computer situation figured out soon too.

Meeting adjourned: 7:50 PM

2/11/13 Minutes: Website, Mission Statement Revisions

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Ella (moderator), Tati (moderator)
Start time: 7:00

Mission Statement: We bring the mission statement topic back up, with a few different options to think about. We decided on “The Black Cat House is an organization dedicated to educating ourselves and the community about oppressive power structures, and how to dismantle them.”

About Us: Ashley wrote up a couple of paragraphs for the about us on the website. We had a collective editing session and made a lot of progress then got stuck on a sentence, so we decided to table it until the end of the meeting. We fixed the problem when we went back to it.

Materials/Web: Ella gives us an update on the website work she’s doing. Ashley and Tati suggest adding a few more pieces to the site, such as having “wheelchair accessible” with a warning to those allergic to cats where the address for the house appears, as well as having individual bios for members. Ashley also wanted a Favicon shaped like a kitty. :3

Meeting adjourned: 8:15

House Rules

· This is a safe space. Courtesy is expected of everyone. Harassment, abuse, or discrimination will not be tolerated.
· Please be mindful of your personal property. Do not leave personal belongings out unless you are nearby to keep an eye on it. This is a public space, and we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items.
· Respect the house and its property. Don’t go into any spaces marked “private” unless invited.
· The public space is free of alcohol and illegal drugs. Cigarette smoking is restricted to the side yard. This is for our safety and security; we do not support the drug war or persecution of drug users.
· No pornography, file sharing, hacking or viewing/uploading/downloading of anything illegal on public use computers and internet. This rule is for our safety and security.

2/4/13 Minutes: Opening Checklist

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Ella, Jackson (moderator), Tati (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1) Bathroom – The bathroom work will begin next week. While the contractor’s here, we’re also going to ask him about the wheelchair ramp. Ashley also suggests getting another estimate from someone who specializes in this, which ze will get a hold of.

2) Feminism handout – Ashley made the edits we suggested on it last week, and we also went over a few more minor things. We decided it was solid for publishing for the event.

3) Stuff we need to open –

We need:
Desk, or to clean out Jackson’s desk
The public computer set up
Pick up magazine rack, chairs, rug
Additional chairs
Projector screen
Bookcase, and bookcase shelves

Ashley also has some sources for zines for printing and putting in the library. Tati has yet to mess with the porchlight, but ti’ll do it this week.

4) Website, Facebook, emails – Ella has made us images for the Facebook, a flier for our open house (just needs a print test), and she will set us up theblackcathouse.org emails. The website is not yet going to go live, since apparently there’s still a few issues with FatCow.

5) Mission statement – Ella has brought up concerns with the structure of the mission statement, so we talked about different ways we could edit the grammar. We didn’t reach a conclusion on a better way of writing it, so we’ll table this and ask some more opinions and think about this.

Adjourned: 8:01 PM

Meeting Rules

Meetings start promptly at 7 PM, and end no later than (90) minutes after the meeting begins, unless those present vote to change the length of the meeting at the premises.

Voting –
The default method of solving dispute is a vote of all members present at the meeting. A 2/3 majority is required for the motion to pass. Abstainers are not counted in the final vote.

Closed Voting –
Closed voting will occur when an issue directly involves the way the house is run or the commitments of the people who live in the house. Closed voting privileges may be given by invitation based on commitment, adherence to the mission statement, and reliability. Closed voting privileges can be revoked for breaking the house rules. Those with closed voting privileges can veto any decisions made in open voting, but all members present with that privilege must do so unanimously.

First ten minutes are spent preparing and organizing agenda items. Moderators can bilaterally agree to veto any agenda item; if there is a dispute over whether the moderators are being unfair, the agenda item will be openly voted on. Be prepared to explain any agenda item before it is discussed in the meeting.

Moderator/ Secretary roles-
There is a strict moderator rotation: 2 moderators, 1 secretary. Only people with closed voting privileges can be moderators or secretaries. Rotation is alphabetically, by first name.
Moderators: make sure the meetings stay on task, keep disputes on topic and respectful, ending disputes if they become disrespectful or unproductive, discretion to include time limits on agenda points, discretion to restrict voting on agenda points to closed voting members
Secretary: keeping track of time, documenting the meeting: time started, all in attendance, agenda points in detail, time ended. Detail on agenda notes are at secretary’s discretion, but must include any decisions made and which commitments were taken on by which people, and be able to accurately describe the meeting to someone who wasn’t there.