1/7/13 Minutes: Defining Documents

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Tati (moderator)

Late: Ella

Start time: 7:20 PM

Defining documents –

We unanimously ratified the Mission Statement.

We unanimously ratified the House Rules. (Additional to-do list related to House Rules follows:)

“Private” signs will be posted on the stairs at the base and at the “turn”; also on the kitchen doors

We’ll need to get ashtrays/cans for the smoking area.

The House Rules will be posted to front door, possibly to other entrances to the house, and in other places in the house. Internet rules will be posted on or near the public use computer (possibly as a custom wallpaper?).

We unanimously ratified the Meeting Rules.

House Repairs – We are still getting quotes for the bathroom installation. It looks likely that we’ll be able to get it done on-budget (under $4000). Jackson also needs to schedule an electrician in to upgrade our outlets.

Stuff We Need – We are still looking for a projector screen, and 25 padded folding chairs. Jackson thinks we should be prepared to offer $10 apiece to buy them outright. Ashley is also researching the possibilities of adding pads to common folding chairs. Wheelchair ramp is tabled, as we wait for better/warmer weather.

Website – Ella brought a rough draft of the website. We are impressed! She’s going to give us a way to view and play with this draft on our own time.

Graphics – We briefly discussed graphics with Ella, primarily what we’ll need for fliers. Ella needs more of an idea of our content first.

Meeting adjourned: 8:52 PM