1/5/15 Minutes: Painting, Prison Zine, Delegating

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review

We’ve had two events since our last meeting.

The Solstice party was on Friday the 19th. The pizza and soda were a hit. The turnout was good, but it probably isn’t great enough that we need to do it in restaurants. We’ll probably continue to host them here.

We also had our second “Black Lives Matter” discussion on Saturday the 20th. Ashley will be meeting with Audrey within a week of the next one to coordinate that. (The day-of plan didn’t work last month, when Audrey had a personal issue that kept her until event time.) Audrey will also be taking minutes for the discussions from now on, since that was requested on the Facebook group.

2. Upcoming Events

“What is Cultural Appropriation?” is this Saturday. Ashley will be out of town this weekend, so Jackson and Ty need to step up. Ashley knows of a zine that would be appropriate as a handout, so she’ll try to make copies during open hours this week.

3. Reimbursements (Fliers, Painting)

Jackson will be reimbursed for the fliers he was asked to print during a previous meeting. The total spent on those was $8.03.

Jackson has also asked to be reimbursed for an original painting by Ben Jones to be hung in the public space. We all approve and reimburse him for the $60 he paid for it. Ashley also suggests pre-approval for reimbursement for any supplies that may be needed to hang this large, heavy painting in our collective space. We all agree to this as well.

4. Prison Zine

We’ve been offered some zines about prison by a friend of Scott Crow’s. We’ve been offered at $2 apiece, and we’ve agreed that we can five for $10. We’ll put one in the library, one in our zine archive, and we’ll have three spares that we’ll figure out what to do with later.

5. Books

We received a pile of books from Ben Jones. We’ll be adding all of them to our lending library.

6. Delegating

Ashley is overworked, and wants to hand off some of the other collective work to other members. Ashley will be doing less work on other people’s events. Online event promotion (on our website and Facebook) will now be done collectively during weekly meetings. Ty will now be responsible for half of our open hours. We’ll also try to handle our Facebook presence more collectively.

Meeting adjourned: 7:40 PM