1/28/13 Minutes: Calendar Change, Treasury

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (secretary), Tati (moderator)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1) Group review of Feminism 101 handout; Ashley presented a rough draft of the handout that will accompany the Feminist Discussion Group’s debut event. We critiqued for 20 minutes, and decided to table the discussion for time constraints. Ashley will tweak a bit more, and we’ll finish this discussion next week.

2) Books – Ashley picked up a couple of books by bell hooks for the library, and asked whether we would reimburse hir out of the treasury. We are not yet willing to spend treasury money on the library, given the expensive renovations and equipment needed that are not yet paid for.

3) Porch light – We need to replace our motion-sensitive porch light with a conventional one that will just stay on. Tati will take a look at it soon.

4) Bathroom – We have an itemized estimate from one contractor, and rough verbal estimate from another contractor (which was actually significantly cheaper). Ashley will contact him for an itemized, written estimate so that we can more fairly compare the two proposals.

5) Facebook – Jackson suggests we should be preparing a FB launch ASAP, to start spreading the word to our network of friends and allies. It seems a “page” is more useful for us than a “group.” We agreed to put up a teaser page very soon, with the logo, mission statement, address, and “Opening Spring 2013.” Ashley will consult with Ella soon, and then put up the teaser for us.

6) Calendar tweaks – We’re replacing the “What is…?” sex positivity event with one on gender identity. Sex positivity will be rescheduled for later on. We’re not ready to attach dates to events, so that is tabled. We’re tentatively planning a yard sale fundraiser as early as mid-March, even if we’re not yet ready to open the house for events.

7) Website update – We’ve had server issues delaying updates to our website. We need to figure out if we have to pay for @blackcathouse.org email addresses, because we want some! Jackson reserved the theblackcathouse.org domain for us, and Jackson will be reimbursed for the expense. (Cost was approximately $45. This should have been discussed last week when the reservation decision was made… Whoops!) Further updates are not possible because our web specialist was unable to attend tonight.

8) Treasury – We need to decide on a place on the website to disclose our financial situation. We need to think about it.

9) Mini-workshops – tabled.

Meeting adjourned: 8:10 PM