1/26/15 Minutes: Spring Calendar

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Ty (moderator)
start time: 7:00

1. Event Review: Trekkies was on Friday, it was fine. The turn out has been lower than usual. Should we try a different day? Jackson suggests maybe a Saturday night instead. The third #BlackLivesMatter event was on Saturday. It was mostly an organizing discussion on how to improve the events. Ashley will talk to Audrey about doing more work marketing wise, as well as adding more structure to the event.

2. Upcoming Events: The counter protest is this weekend! Ashley and Nick Gerken will be providing childcare at the house. Ty is working on a songbook, but there are potential concerns of disrupting the original protest and getting us in serious trouble. Ty is comfortable dropping the idea, since it could be a safety risk. We decide to talk about it with the others who will be protesting. Jackson contacted the ACLU, but nothing was promised. A poster making party is scheduled for Wednesday during open hours. Ty will buy the posters and will be reimbursed.

3. Paper: We are running out of printer paper. Ashley will pick some up next time she stops by an office supply store, reimbursement is approved.

4. Books: Ashley donated a pile of books from her personal collection to the library. We approve of all of them.

5. Calendar:
Trekkies for Humanism: “The Lorelei Signal” (TAS) Saturday 7th @7
Lincoln Secular Humanists Meeting- Thursday 12th @7
Feminist Discussion Group: Feminism 101- Sunday, 8th 2-4
Movie Night: Erin Brockovich- Friday 20th, @7

Yard Sale Fundraiser- 3rd+4th 8-6, 8-1
Trekkies for Humanism: “Night” (VOY) Friday, 10th @7
Movie Night: WALL-E – Thursday, 23rd @7

We’ll be collaborating with EarthStock for the “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Effective Environmentalism” event. The event will happen at UNL, and since we don’t know what room or when the Earth Day festival will happen, we’ll leave it off the calendar.

What is…May Day? Saturday 2nd 1-3
Trekkies for Humanism: “The Cloud Minders” (TOS) Friday the 15th @7
Feminist Discussion Group: Women and Labor -Sunday, 17th 2-4
Movie Night: Salt of the Earth- Saturday 23rd @7

Meeting adjourned: 7:51