12/5/16 Minutes: Organizing Resistance Discussion, Purchase Wishlist

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ju Ping, Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:05 PM

1. Upcoming Events – Two of them! The first is the Chomsky documentary on Friday, which we have and will be easy to set up for. Our “Organizing Resistance in the Age of Trump” is the Saturday after.

We wanted to have a talk on moderation efforts, since this discussion could be a large one. We reiterated our points from last week – we don’t want to focus on the actual election results, because it seems very unlikely that anything will stop Trump from being inaugurated in January. We want to focus on the fight going forward. While the emotional impact is hard on a lot of people, we also would like this to be a tactical discussion and not only spend our time venting.

We now have #NoDAPL as an example of direct action non-violent tactics that has been a recent success as well, that goes beyond letters to politicians.

Discussion moderation: Ty and Ju Ping are going to be co-facilitators of the discussion, to keep those ground rules down and to help people who are finding ways to speak. As part of a democratic agenda forming, we will go around the room and introduce ourselves, our pronouns, and what we would like to get out of the discussion in order to hit up as many of what topics people want to cover as possible.

2. Calendar distro – Ju Ping only has Bluestem left to go to before all our usual places have calendars!

3. Stuff to Buy – We are adding a no-slip outdoor mat for our porch to our list of stuff we need. It is pretty crucial that we buy it as soon as possible before winter starts making the porch slick.

Meeting adjourned: 8:24 PM

Tabled items: Stuff to Buy (canopy, stuff to secure bike rack, paper cutter, whiteboard, labels, 7×7 no-slip outdoor mat for porch)