1/21/13 Minutes: Website, Movies

1/21/13 meeting started at 7:00
In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Brian, Ella, Jackson (moderator), Tati (moderator)

What is anarchism pamphlet: When we decided at the last meeting some of the events we were doing, Ashley started writing up info sheets so we could distribute them at said events. Ze finished the what is anarchism one, and those in attendance looked it over. The group touched up on the grammar and debated a few facts, but now it’s ready to publish.

Website domain: We own Blackcathouse.org, but Ella suggested last meeting that we buy Theblackcathouse.org as well. We decided to buy the .org domains but not the .com’s at this moment.

Website update: Ella put up the newest draft on the test site, and we pretty much all like it. Tati had some concerns about the color scheme, but ti decided that it might grow on tir. Brian and Ella talk about what tools are needed to get the radio streaming on the site.

Movies: We talked about what movies we want to show, and there was a discussion about whether Idiocracy was appropriate or not. We decided it at least wasn’t something we wanted to show in the first few months and tabled further discussion. Instead we picked the Garden, Dr. Strangelove, Monty Python and the life of Brian.

Other groups: We had a discussion about what other groups with whom we want to associate and cooperate.

Ella and Brian were both added to the moderator/secretary rotation

meeting ended 8:15