12/10/18 Minutes: Triumph Donation, New Books

In attendance: Ty (moderator), Jackson, Wyatt (secretary)

Start time: 7:02 PM

1. Upcoming Events – Sorry to Bother You is on Friday, and we are very excited. We have a DVD identified and it will be hand delivered this week. We are expecting around 10 people. Cleaning will be done before Tuesday so we should only need to do a once over with the vacuum on Friday.

The Library Cart will be updated with books relevant to Sorry to Bother You.

2. Library Donations
Wyatt donated the Crazy Horse:The Lakota Warrior Life and Legacy book signed by Grandson of Crazy Horse to the BCH Library.
Two books sent by Ty’s pseudo- social democrat secret admirer are added to the library. Can Democracy Survive Capitalism, Robert Kuttner. The Great Transformation, Karl Polanyi. The arguments may not fit our perspective but it is a reference nevertheless.
Several books left in the box of donations by Brian are added to the library.

3. Printer donation – The Triumph working class magazine needs a new printer desperately. They still need $1000. BCH would like to donate. Black Cat House agrees to give $75 now. We will consider another donation in the near future. We will also share on our social media and include the link here. Consider Donating to support this very important publication! https://www.gofundme.com/x73j5k-help-the-triumph-buy-a-printer?fbclid=IwAR2Sf_PxZHJr30D-b4bM1KPWl62C-Ny8iDTPB56G6Cei13yupFgeOU7Indo

4. January Events – We still need to three of our January events up online. We spent remaining meeting time working on a draft for January’s Popcorn Politics.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30 PM

Tabled: AK Press Reimbursement, “Who Owns Politics?” Discussion Event, PKK/Bookchin Discussion, Graphic Designer, Stuff to Buy (canopy, stuff to secure bike rack, new SSD hard drive for public laptop), AK Press reimbursement