1/19/15 Minutes: Upcoming Events, Spring Calendar

In attendance: Ashley (moderator), Jackson (moderator), Sammi, Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review: The Intro to Asexuality happened! Turnout was not as predicted, but it was filled with good discussion and was very laid-back. Sammi also suggests that for future events of this nature, we have questions prepared to address to keep the discussion flowing.

2. Upcoming Events: We have a Trekkies for Humanism coming up, as well as the next installment of #BlackLivesMatter. The Trekkies will be “Measure of a Man” from The Next Generation, and other than setting up the projector and popping some popcorn, we should be set! Ashley and Audrey have the #BLM discussion under control, and Audrey will begin to take minutes of these discussions. There will also be someone coming by to give Ashley and Audrey tips on facilitating events, and Ashley recommends that everyone who can participate to do so, as these could be helpful tips for all of us.

3. Reimbursements: Jackson bought hardware to hang up the Ben Jones painting, which amounts to $4.95. He also printed off the Black History Month fliers, which were $.64. And since he was preapproved for all these purchases, Jackson gets $5.59 from the treasury!

4. Calendar:

Movie Night: Erin Brockovich
Feminist Discussion Group: Feminism 101
Trekkies for Humanism: “The Lorelai Signal” (TAS)

April 10th and 11th: Yard Sale Fundraiser
Lincoln Earth Day Tabling
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Effective Environmentalism
Movie Night: WALL-E
Trekkies for Humanism: “Night” (VOY)

Movie Night: Salt of the Earth
Trekkies for Humanism: “The Cloudminders” TOS
Feminist Discussion Group: Women and Labor
Potential educational event?

5. Posters: We decided to put up the extra posters we have no room for suggested donations. Ashley will get up pictures and post them on our social media sites.

Meeting adjourned: 8:22 PM

Tabled: May educational event theme, dates for spring calendar