1/15/18 Minutes: Spring Calendar Planning

In attendance: Jackson (moderator), Ty (secretary)
Start time: 7:00 PM

1. Event Review – Popcorn Politics went well last week. Good turnout, decent discussion, but an intense movie. Maybe focus on more fun movies in the future, but it was too appropriate a movie for the subject matter we wanted to address to pass up.

2. Upcoming Event – We have a reading discussion this Saturday: 10 Things Every White Person Should Know When Talking About Race. Ty will take care of prepping and printing 15 copies of the reading.

3. Spring Calendar –
April 21?, 1-3 PM – Reading Discussion: Fueling Dissent

May 5, 12-5 PM – Open House Party for Karl Marx’s 200th Birthday
May 11, 8 AM-6 PM, and May 12, 8 AM-2 PM – The Black Cat House Yard Sale Fundraiser

Fueling Dissent – https://apps.publicintegrity.org/united-states-of-petroleum/fueling-dissent/

Ideas for other spring calendar events:

Discussions: liberation theology, national liberation movement/separatism, prison-industrial complex, transfeminism

Movies: Anarchism in America, Popcorn Politics? (Salt of the Earth? Kubrick? Imperium?)

Other: Little Red Singalong

Grey Out Days: March 30/31/April 1 (alt weekend for Red State), April 6/7/8 (Red State Conference), April 28 (Lincoln Earth Day)

Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 PM

Tabled items: Spring Calendar, Graphic Designer, Stuff to Buy (canopy, stuff to secure bike rack, labels, 7×7 no-slip outdoor mat for porch, new SSD hard drive for public laptop