1/14/13 Minutes: Future Events, Internal Workshops

In Attendance: Ashley (moderator), Ella, Jackson (moderator), Tati (secretary)

Start Time: 7 PM

Website: Ella showed some more updates she did with the website, most of which dealing with easier reading and accessibility. We like how it’s looking so far. Also we’ve decided on using a built-in blog on the site instead of the Tumblr blog. We’re also planning on buying theblackcathouse.org, and will think about buying related .com domains as well, just to cover as many bases as possible.

Events: Planning on three events a month, 1 LSH meeting every quarter.
Decided that What is…? events will be the second Saturday of the month, 1 PM. End time will be 3 PM where we have to, with disclaimers where we can that people can arrive late when we need to. Feminist Discussion Group will be last Sunday of month, 2 PM to 4 PM.
The first three What is..? events will be Anarchism, Environmentalism, and Sex Positivity. The first three FDG events will be Feminism 101, Geek Culture, and Intersectionality (will not be called this exactly). Movies to be determined. Trekkies for Humanism also considered as optional event.

Internal Workshops: After reading an article on anarchist organizations, and liking what was stated, we decided to make a few workshops for the group in order to deal with a few issues that we haven’t yet dealt with. We talked about some warning signs from people who want an organizing position within the group who have some ego issues. We also want to have a workshop on conflict resolution within events and how to deal with someone yelling or otherwise upsetting people. We’re also discussing how we want to relate with other groups. We’ll put these at the tail end of upcoming weekly meetings.

Meeting adjourned: 8:12 PM