11/3/14 Minutes: Reimbursement, posters

In attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson (moderator), Sammi, Ty (moderator)
Start Time: 7:00

Upcoming Events: We have a discussion on Wednesday about gender privilege in the local music scene. There’s not much we need to do for this event other than have chairs out. Sama is performing on Friday, and we’re a little worried about the turnout. We’ve fliered and posted it on several places online, but we’ll also urge people at the event on Wednesday to attend. Finally, the (A)sexual movie night is Saturday. We’ll need to stream it on Ty’s computer or use Ashley’s ps3. Sammi and Ty will answer questions/lead the discussion afterward.

Open Hours: Ashley is working all day tomorrow and requested that open hours we be cancelled this week. We all agree this is a good idea.

Reimbursement: Ty and Jackson went to office max and bought some things for the house. Ty bought some organizers for our zines and fliers and lable stickers. He spent $26.99, we approve reimbursement.

Posters: Tyler donated several beehive prints. We put them up around the space.

Adjourned: 7:53