11/24/14 Minutes: Calendar Edits

In attendance: Ashley (secreatary), Jackson (moderator), Ramona, Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:00

Upcoming Events: The feminist Crafting Circle is tomorrow. We need to get the supplies out, but other than that the event is taken care of. Audrey wants to do some kind of anti-racist event this coming weekend for a class. We approve of this, she’ll coordinate and let us know.

Open Hours: Ashley and Ty are doing a large animal rescue operation tomorrow afternoon, so no one will be here to man open hours. We cancel them for Tuesday. Ty will cover it Wednesday.

Book: We were offered a book on paperback swap, but it seems we already have it. Ashley will delete it from our wishlist.

Calendar: The LSH meeting is scheduled on the same day as a Doane speaking date. We reschedule it for the 4th. It seems like the LSH and LA are fine with Lazlo’s, and there’s been a vote against the one downtown because of parking concerns. Ashley will make the arrangements. Ashley will update the previous minutes.

Tabled: Police Zine

Adjourned: 7:10