10/5/15 Minutes: Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Calendars

In attendance: Jackson (secretary), Ty (moderator)
Start time: 7:01 PM

1. Event Review – We showed Food Inc on Saturday night. The turnout was ok, but the conversation afterward was excellent.

2. Upcoming Events – We’ve got Trekkies on Friday. No problems there.

We’ve also got our Indigenous Peoples’ Day Rally on next Monday. Ty is going to promote it online. Ty will also get our zines assembled. He declines reimbursement for getting those materials printed. We’ll probably not host a sign-making party, as our offer to do so didn’t attract any interest online.

3. Copy Machine – Ty will finish setting that up on Saturday, as he has time to do so.

4. Black Cat Appreciation Day – Ty wants us to do themed posts on social media surrounding August 17th, which is apparently Black Cat Appreciation Day. He thinks it would be a good time to highlight some of the historical influences that inspired us to name our house, such as the Black Panthers. Jackson likes the idea, and we spent several minutes discussing several possible strategies for doing so (but no decision was made at this time)

5. Calendar of Holidays, Anniversaries, and Commemorations – (This is a tangent thought of by Jackson in the wake of the last item.) We need some kind of system for better remembering all of the holidays and historical reminders that we try to keep up with all year. Ty suggests building them into our existing events calendar on the website; additional information on the event can even show up when one hovers the mouse over the day on the calendar. We added anniversaries for the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to our calenar, and table the item to consider more dates to add to our calendar in the upcoming weeks.

6. Band – We’ve been contacted about hosting another concert. The performer’s initial email doesn’t have enough information for us to make a good decision, so Ty will email them and try to figure things out.

7. Buttons – Ty is looking to enlist some help with button design. Jackson has ordered a free “sample” of label sheets that should be what we need.

Tabled: Calendar of Holidays, Anniversaries, and Commemorations, Buttons, Winter Calendar

Meeting adjourned: 8:22 PM