10/13/14: Columbus Day Protest, DN Article

In Attendance: Ashley (secretary), Jackson
Time started: 7:01

Quorum was not met, so we just went over the necessities.

Event Review: The beehive collective was here last week. The turnout was lower than we expected, but it was a Tuesday night and raining all day. However, the event went exceptionally well and we all took something away from it. They donated several posters after the event, which we’ll hang next meeting. The Abolish Columbus Day protest was today. It was enjoyable, however the turnout was also low. It was a rainy weekday, but we probably could have done a better job promoting it. Next year we’ll do fliers along with the zine drop.

Upcome events: The zine workshop is this week, along with the Hamartia show. Ashley needs to mess with the copymachine and make sure it works before the workshop,. Ashley will also tidy the basement so the musicians have a place to stay.

Daily Nebraskan Article: A reporter visited the house Saturday to help promote our upcoming events. They were very enthusiastic about the work we do, and wrote a really nice article. The date for one of the house shows was wrong, so Ashley emailed the reporter and got it editted. Read it at http://www.dailynebraskan.com/arts_and_entertainment/black-cat-house-hos…

Meeting Adjourned: 7:18